Emilie, the miracle baby: her parents’ struggle to give her a normal life

Remember little Emilie. He was declared dead by the staff at Rose-Belle hospital on February 5, 2021 and placed in a disinfection box. Since then, he has grown, but has a large scar on his cornea. His parents lead a new fight to help him regain his sight.

Mama, papa, dada, Emilie’s first words echoed in the Quirin family home like sweet music to her parents’ ears. And for good reason, the consequences of his premature birth can be even greater. His parents Virginie and Pascal, as well as all the members of his family do not stop praying for him to get out of here. Therefore, first of all, it is a relief to note that Emilie does not suffer from any serious disabilities, apart from her vision problems. “Since he had a level 3 brain hemorrhage, it was thought that it would cause more health complications,” his mother said.

Emilie, now 19 months old, is a true miracle. Most of all, he is very brave. Moreover, he cried with all his might to let it be known that he was not dead (see inset). Now, he is ready to fight to enjoy the joys of life. He began to say his first words and take his first steps. “He stood alone and looked for us on foot. If he can see properly, we’re sure he’s walking,” added Virginie. However, his vision problems don’t stop him from giving his big brother Gabriel a big hug or a big kiss to his favorite uncle.

Last Chance Operation

“Emilie has a large scar on her cornea. However, during the consultations, the doctors realized that she could follow the light very well. Unfortunately, at the hospital level, we were unable to make progress. The appointments were too far away and according to our research, if we don’t act immediately, he will grow up losing some skills. The part of his brain that allows visual memorization will not develop,” said Virginie. To put all the odds on Emilie’s side, her parents turned to the private sector. “We have consulted several doctors, but so far, our daughter has not undergone any intervention,” the mother added. The child will have to travel to India to possibly benefit from a corneal transplant. Our interlocutor added: “We are following the doctors’ instructions to the letter and will do everything we can for our daughter”.

Like all mothers in the world, Virginie has dreams for her little princess. To him his grandson will be like the others… What if we help him take another step towards the light?

The day he was pronounced dead

It’s a story that has caused a lot of ink to flow. On February 5, 2021, after giving birth, Virginie learned that her baby had been declared “non-viable”. The little girl was placed in a disinfection box, left for dead. However, after an hour, she started crying a lot. He is alive and well.

Following an investigation by the Medical Negligence Standing Committee, staff were suspended, some transferred, as the report cited “malpractice”.

Her parents want to take their daughter to see an expert for her vision problems.”

A great outpouring of unity

“We have no words to thank all the people who helped us in one way or another. Our financial means are limited to pay for various treatments, but we are surrounded by good and our relatives and friends are wonderful. In addition, we must also thank all the people we don’t know, but have a special thought for Emilie, “said Virginie. In fact, since the latter launched a call for help on Facebook, he has received a lot of support. In addition, on the Manie Fitness page, a fundraiser has been organized to support Emilie’s cause. “We have nothing to say but thank you for everything you do for Emilie,” the mother concluded.

A painful moment

The birth of Emilie was not easy for the Quirin couple. After the trauma experienced after the birth of their baby, they have to continue to go to the hospital for treatment and consultation with the pediatrician, in a context where health restrictions are enforced.

The game is worth the candle, since the beginning of the year, Emilie is a perfect girl who is the joy of the house. “He first swam in the sea in January and now we can take him to the supermarket. He has grown so much that the doctors no longer consider him a premature baby,” said his mother, Virginie.

To support Emilie, you can contact them at the following address: vp.quirin@gmail.com.

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