Football – Coupe de France (7th round): the agreement of Boé-Bon-Encontre wins the eighth heaven with a new victory against Lescar

Entente Boé Bon-Encontre players signed another victory for the 7th round of the Coupe de France. The Lot-et-Garonnais imposed themselves on the lawn of Lescar. The third formation of this level was defeated by “green and white” in this competition. See you today on November 20 in Boé opposite Aubagne (N2).

A full stadium, euphoric supporters, an unusually mild temperature. Everyone gathered last night at Lescar to attend a good football match. A 7th round to face, on November 20, a National 2 club, Aubagne in this case, which defeated Toulon yesterday at the end of the afternoon on penalties.

For this match against a team from R1, the Boetian staff chose to do without Gaëtan Micheletti in their starting XI. In the attack, Corentin Chaminade supports the rioter Gianni Favennec. A rather careful composition on paper.

In the stands, the kops, lescarien and boétien, fought a good “vocal” duel during the match. On the field, synthetic, the players imitated them in a padlocked part but it was very intense. On this unusual surface for them, Boétiens showed defensive solidity against Bearn’s particularly quick attackers. Pierre Berthelot, on his right, was the first to stand. But Lescar’s goalkeeper (10th) is faster. Many viewers had very few clear opportunities to get their teeth into during this first act. All the duels were very tight, efforts were increased to cut off the opposing attempts. The technical contribution of Corentin Chaminade is undeniable for EBBE, but sometimes he lacks support and presence in front of the goal.

Boétiens are very solid in defense

On the other hand, the defensive organization is solid. Rock Michaud was very important, supported by Labiod and the pair of Benlloch – Goncalves in front of him. Thus, Grossetie has only one exit to perform at the foot of a Lescarien (23rd). It is necessary to wait until the end of half an hour to vibrate. With a great strike from Béarn central defender Roume. Then with an attempt from the head of Favennec in a set piece (45th).

On the synthetic turf of Lescar, the EBBE players found their marks
Francois Frimaudau

The second half was richer in scoring opportunities. With a well led counter, Chaminade was moved into a good position in the box. But Boétien went through Pau FC, procrastinated too much and ended up missing his shot. Then the locals went on the offensive. In the 64th minute, Grossetie was overjoyed to see the ball go through his wards without any Lescariens taking it back. Captain Galves then fell to the spot and saw his shot hit the post (69th). Three minutes later, Sarraut cleared the ball at the feet of an Assoumou who presented himself alone against Grossetie.

Do Poço’s cannon fire

After squeezing the butt, the EBBE will react perfectly. Found between the lines, Lucas Do Poço sent a terrible cannonball that penetrated the opposing goalkeeper (0-1, 73rd).

Boétiens celebrates the first goal.  The goal of liberation.

Boétiens celebrates the first goal. The goal of liberation.
Francois Frimaudau

It was now necessary to hold on, for a quarter of an hour, in spite of fatigue, heavy legs, and the pressure of the Béarnais playing with them all. Grossetie reassures everyone with two stops full of authority (79th, 80th).2

11 Boétiens, well supported by the hundred supporters who traveled, faced a full stadium pushing for equaliser. But the defense is steel. Boé-Bon-Encontre will even kill all the suspense at the very end of the match. Well launched against Favennec, Tom Martinez distracted the last defender with a dribble inside and the goalkeeper with a good shot (0-2, 87th). Case folded, qualification assured.

The EBBE team contested, this Saturday night, the seventh round of the Coupe de France in Lescar.

The EBBE team contested, this Saturday night, the seventh round of the Coupe de France in Lescar.
Francois Frimaudau

Thanks to his defensive solidity and two decisive flashes in the second half, Boé-Bon-Encontre offered himself the 8th round of the Coupe de France in a month in Cancelles. A gala match that should unleash passions. And, with the heart and courage this team has shown, why not start dreaming?

Lescar 0 – EBBE 2

MT : 0-0 – Mediator : Hakim Mahoudi

The objectives : Do Poco (73), Martinez (87).

THE CARS : Bonnasserre – Galves (cap), Legru, Roume, Meilhon – Durancet, Margoum, Labaig – Esponde, Ranquine, Larrieu. Entered the game: Chestnut, Ouikhlef, Assoumou, Petier.

Warning : Durancet (90).

EBBE : Grossetie – Lamer (Labeau, 63), Labiod, Michaud (cap), Sarraut – Berthelot (Martinez, 63), Benlloch, Goncalves (Arion, 80), Do Poço – Chaminade (Micheletti, 63), Favennec.

Warnings : Berthelot (31), Arion (90)

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