Ligue 1 – Football: against AJ Auxerre and until the end of the season, ACA intends to “fight” for retention

Tomorrow, Sunday, AC Ajaccio will face AJ Auxerre at the Abbé Deschamps stadium. A more affordable meeting for the players, said their coach, Olivier Pantaloni, in a press conference, after a difficult match against PSG on Friday.

Three points more than expected against a team “more accessible“, to hope to maintain next season. AC Ajaccio will travel tomorrow, Sunday October 30, to Auxerre, at the Abbé Deschamps stadium, as part of the 13th day of the Ligue 1 football championship.

A victory that is more than welcome, after the loss at home of the Bears, Friday, October 21, against Paris Saint-Germain (0-3). A result without much surprise: PSG, the leader of the Ligue 1 classification, noticeably relied on Mbappé and Messi, the first scored two goals, and one for the second.

This time, against Auxerrois, currently 18th in the general classification – just one place above ACA -, and more affected by the recent change of coach, Olivier Pantaloni predicts for his men a match that will be more easily affordable, where the team intends”fight to the end“.

A week later, what is your assessment of this match against Paris?

Olivier Pantaloni: It was a meeting that mobilized a lot of energy, and in which we were not ridiculous, far from it. I think there’s some interesting content, against an almost unplayable team.

We must use this experience to gain more confidence for the games to come, and the outcome of the season.

How do you imagine this meeting, tomorrow, against AJA?

Olivier Pantaloni: Auxerre recently changed coaches [Christophe Pélissier a été nommé le 26 octobre pour remplacer Jean-Marc Furlan, remercié par sa direction après un geste d’humeur face à un supporter clermontois, et des résultats jugés décevants : les Auxerrois n’ont pas gagné depuis le 27 août, et cumulent donc huit matchs sans victoire (six défaites et deux nuls), ndlr].

Usually, in such situations, there is a reaction. We are talking about the psychological shock when there is a change of coach. Whether in this case will occur, I do not know. But we know that this is a team completely built by Jean-Marc Furlan, with players he has known well for many years, that he has had at previous clubs…

We will have to see what Christophe Pélissier is able to do in a very short time, as he only took office this week, so it will not be easy to achieve everything he wants to put in place. Anyway, first of all we have to have the same determination that we had in the last fights.

There are only three games left, including against AJ Auxerre, before the winter break… Victories will also ensure a continuation in December and the rest of the season.

Olivier Pantaloni: For me, it’s teams, like for Auxerre, that are also in the match. Strasbourg (set to play November 5) has a good squad, but is struggling to find its bearings (currently 16th overall).

Nantes (scheduled for November 13) had a very good championship last season, but also struggled at the beginning of the season (currently 15th in the overall classification), which is probably the European Cup added , and maybe that makes things are more difficult to manage.

To let’s do our best to take as many points as possible in his three games, and leave for the break with more confidence for the return and the end of the championship.

Will these three meetings mark a first change for the rest of the competition?

Olivier Pantaloni: I don’t think there are many games left to play.

One thing is that when you look at each other’s matches, we have almost played the first ten teams in this championship, and you realize that the teams that are fighting us will play them now, while we have to face the teams fighting us.

So it is important, at this level, to be able to score points.

Do you think you can secure retention for next season?

Olivier Pantaloni: When you look at the games we’ve played since the start of the season, we haven’t been ridiculous.

Maybe after the fact, we tell ourselves that we may have been too careful once. But this can only be assessed after a significant period of time. We are on the spot in the management of the group, team, opponent. Then we learn the lessons.

And we tell ourselves that even though we know that the season will be very difficult, we realize that it is also difficult for many teams. And that perhaps we have shown since the beginning of the season that we have the means to maintain ourselves, at least fight to the end with a certain number of teams that may be less prepared than us. battle.

The PSG match was a prestigious match. [Les matchs qui viennent]it is really a match to manage to maintain.

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