“Our vision of football is united”

09:00 – 29 October 2022

Teams A, B and C with staff: Kadda Tenia, Stéphane Aubignat, Laurent Billard, Christophe Caétano, Frédéric Mauchaussé, Olivier Germain and Salih Murat. – © Photos Labeaune Châtillon-sur-Seine

Around strong values ​​with educational objectives, the Union Châtillonnaise Colombine Football aims to permanently establish itself among the reference clubs in the Côte-d’Or.

Through its activity around the round ball, the Union Châtillonnaise Colombine Football defends the values ​​of respect, responsibility, fun, education and citizenship. The steering committee’s preference is to remain firmly between the reference clubs in the Côte-d’Or in terms of educational quality, while continuing to favor an important part of its history: the Châtillonnaise and Colombine identity. as well as family values ​​of hard work and respect.

More than ever, all leaders and educators campaign “so that each licensee becomes a full citizen, participating as an actor in the development of the environment in which he lives through our club”. In the sports/administrative project that runs until 2023, pragmatic and assessable, general and operational goals are defined from the football school to the veterans. The reception of licensees emphasizes a series of objectives applied during training and competitions: setting up an educational program, sharing knowledge of the laws of the game as well as improving behavior on and off the ground.

Trained instructors. The club has signed six employment contracts for the 2022/23 season. A part-time sports manager contract for Kadda Tenia and above all five apprenticeship contracts with young people from the territory for Nathan Ollin (federal instructor certificate), Adel Hmoudi and Léo Schweitzer (administrative and reception in sport ) as well as Aly Pape and Diego Collard (sports technical sales and negotiations representative). “With us, they will follow a qualifying training and the youth teams will benefit from it where they are in charge” underlines the president David Vermassen. “With these contracts, in addition to its sporting action, our club plays a real economic and social role in the territory,” confirmed treasurer Dominique Munos.

The importance of volunteers. “Everyone gives their time for the UCCF according to their possibilities, even in the stadium, with public and private partners, but also at home,” said the president. All volunteers are engaged under the red and black colors with a common desire to move forward, around the slogan Unity is Strength!

The vision of the sports manager. “We had the opportunity to field two senior teams last season, A and B respectively in the Departmental 1 and 2. We know the difficulty of coming out well in the championships of the District of Côte-d’Or, especially that for the promoted. Since the start of this new season, the players have been working well. With my staff, we insist on behavior, in training or during matches. The attitudes of the player is the basis of success in all technical, tactical or mental aspects. Our priority remains fun and players play the game by signing a charter that gives them respect for the simple rules of life that allowing everyone to live well together,” said Kadda Tenia. “Our vision of football is unified. It aims to provide educational, social and physical development through activity. Competition is certainly important, but it should not exceed our main goals of coordinating delivery and unity,” he underlined. “The whole club is working for this and we are happy to meet each time” also welcomed the sports manager.

The captain’s review and the recruit. Club trained, captain and scorer, Léo Munos guides the UCCF flag team with desire and determination. “We have a close group. When we come out of the locker room, before entering the field, I feel that nothing will happen to us if we follow the instructions properly and stay united. It’s thanks to the trust that we have in us and also thanks to the staff who motivated us more than before” he confessed. Since the start of this 2022/23 season in Departmental 1, Léo has delivered a “more than positive” feeling. Promoted Châtillonno-Colombin seems capable of taking on top roles in D1. “But the road is still long! We have to keep working hard in training, to finish the first part of this season well until the end of the matches in the first leg” he warned. A message to his teammates that, no doubt, will be followed on the grass and off. The guide of Team A, Léo Munos does not forget the other senior players who play in B and C. “Our group lives well. There is a very good understanding. Everyone works seriously. That is why we move forward in the best possible way,” he studied.

Returning to his childhood club twenty years later, the then DFCO player passed the National 3 for several seasons under the colors of Is-Selongey and Saint-Apollinaire where he played more than 300 matches and even participated in epics in the Coupe de France, Antoine Bégin returned to the red and black colors “to bring my experience to this young group full of potential” he said when he signed this summer. Today, Antoine is enjoying the start of the season: “it was very positive with a noble run in the Coupe de France and a good start in the D1 championship where we took the right carriage with the top teams. A small disappointment for the Côte -d’Or Cup, but this quick elimination allows us to focus on our championship goal”. His integration was successful: “the welcome provided for me, by the leaders, staff and players, was perfect! At the group level, I discovered a young but very healthy locker room that lives well together” .

And now ? From the U7s to the veterans with their leaders and coaches, the fun of football is there. “The 2022/23 season is still long. There will be ups and downs. But I know all of our teams will wear our red and black colors with pride and joy. Leaders, mentors, licensees, volunteers, partners, and supporter. We are all united because unity is strength! announced President David Vermassen. The sports project for seniors: play leading roles in D1, stay quiet in D2 and progress with pleasure in the C group . For young people, help them develop and develop. Other goals have been set and some have been achieved: build the club organization, train the mentors, encourage young people to get involved, promote the referees, attract the new leader, retain graduates and veterans of the football school. , recruit volunteers, maintain good relations with the municipalities of Châtillon and Sainte-Colombe… and rely on a private partner to establish itself as a long-term flagship club in the Côte-d’Or.

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