Rouen. A lot of goldfish at the fair: is it legal?

An animal protection association denounced, Saturday, October 29, 2022, the distribution of goldfish as lots in some stands of the Saint-Romain Fair in Rouen (Seine-Maritime). (©MN/76actu)

animal rights association animals in paris zoopolis (Paz) denounced, Saturday, October 29, 2022, the use of so many goldfish in Saint-Romain fair in Rouen (Seine Maritime). In a press release, La Paz also indicated that it wrote to the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations (DDPP) and the City to take measures against this practice.

Distributed as toys

The association uses two specific articles of the rural code. First in L214-4 which states “the awarding of prizes or prizes to any live animal, except farm animals in the context of festivals, fairs, sporting, folkloric and traditional local events, competitions and demonstration of an agricultural nature, is prohibited”, unless an exclusion list is locally established by the representative of the State.

Article L214-7 states that “the sale, free of charge or against payment, of dogs and cats and other domestic animals is prohibited at fairs, markets, flea markets, shows, exhibitions or any other event which is not specifically dedicated to animals. However, the association recalls that goldfish are classified as pets by an order in the official journal on August 11, 2006.

The association specifically denounces the fact that fish are distributed in the same way as toys and displayed in small aquariums without aerators in duck fishing stands. This is indeed the case with some of the exhibitors who offer this activity, we can see while walking the aisles.

“Every showman is responsible for his stance”

Some showman say they are not aware of this law. Others ensure that it is legal, and their suppliers offer these fish in the catalog. “These fish are brought in the same way and are treated better than in pet stores, and they have the right. So why wouldn’t this be possible for us? asked one of them.

Contacted 76 news, the fair’s communications manager, Karl Morel, claims to be unaware and even surprised that such a practice, which he also says is “prohibited by law”, exists at the fair. “Afterwards, like in the market, recalls Karl Morel, each showman is responsible for his stand. A few days before this, it was said in a press conference that the goldfish will not be seen in the stands.

“We ask the Mayor of Rouen to act to enforce the law,” said Amandine Sanvisens, co-founder of PAZ. The municipal police had to intervene to remove the goldfish. In addition, the City must ensure that this does not happen again in future editions of the carnival. Animals are not toys, it is important that town halls take up the topic. »

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Inspection in the next few days

The prefecture, for its part, confirms the elements provided by the association: “Giving a prize or premium to any live animal, except farm animals in the context of festivals, fairs, sporting, folkloric and local traditional activity events. , competitions and demonstrations of an agricultural nature, are prohibited. He also assures that “checks will be carried out by the competent State services to ensure compliance with this law”.

The Deputy Mayor, Kader Chekhemani, was surprised to learn of the request of La Paz, thought “that this practice has long stopped at the fair”. He also assured that the situation will be clarified in the next few days.

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