the barnyard and aviary animal fair to discover many breeds

MAYAfter a two-year absence, breeders and visitors are happy for it new edition from the barnyard and aviary animal fair.

Specimens to discover.

Among the breeders, Cindy Grare and Michaël Ramet, from Aire-sur-la-Lys. After a few years of raising rabbits for their own pleasure, they chose to turn less common breeds. For about 7 years, the couple reproduces rex rabbit but also guinea pigs, the Havana, Russian or ram rabbit. “At first, we went to salons for the pleasure of seeing explained Michael Ramet then, we fell in love with these animals. »

Michaël Ramet and Francis Leroy, breeders.
Michaël Ramet and Francis Leroy, breeders.

Today, the couple is part of the Audomaroise poultry society, the royal society of small breeders of Tournaisis and the friendly breeders of Walincourt. “Exchanging knowledge with other breeders is important. »

Animals that are rewarded are honored.
Animals that are rewarded are honored.

“The pursuit of animal welfare remains paramount” continued Francis Leroy, vice-president of the Audomarois poultry circle. He has been part of the association for 22 years. In recent years, the breeder’s profession has become more difficult due to rising food prices and bird flu. “I spend an average of 3,000 euros per year to care for and feed the animals. If this continues, we will lose breeders and regional breeds will begin to disappear. »

This breeder planned to show 32 ducks, but steps were taken because of bird flu stopped him. “The 10 km around Lilles is considered a wetland explained Christian Mortagne, President. Gathering of birds is prohibited. »


however, 130 breeds will be represented throughout the weekend. Judging continued on Friday with the award ceremony for the regional championships. Of the animals rewarded, two distinct subjects scored 97 out of 100: a red exhaust belonging to Christian Mortagne, and a Show racer by Claude Ducourant, from Boulogne-sur-Mer. “These titles allow us to continue to improve the breed. »

Christian Mortagne presented the Barnevelder hen that won the show's grand prize.
Christian Mortagne presented the Barnevelder hen that won the show’s grand prize.

Possible purchases

More than 250 animals are available for sale. Several fans attended Saturday’s opening to pick their favorite. This is the case of Adeline and Charles, who come from Wizernes. Already owners of Rex rabbits, this time they chose an extra dwarf Rex rabbit. They love the soft coats of these animals and their character and hope to eventually become breeders as well.

Charles and Adeline fall in love with an extra Rex dwarf rabbit.
Charles and Adeline fall in love with an extra Rex dwarf rabbit.

The salon is open this Sunday from 9:30 am to 6 pm at the Sainte Marie high school sports hall. Access from Rue du Portugal. Admission: €3 and free for accompanying children under 12.

An official ceremony was organized on Sunday in the Town Hall of Aire-sur-la-Lys.

SSitting at the feet of his master Christophe, Perro seemed calm and helpful. Around the pair, elected officials and members of Aire-sur-la-Lys Lion’s Clubadmires the partnership that binds man to animal.

dog, female labrador, looks a bit like Christophe’s eyes. For several months, he helped her every day. “It’s a gem”believes the man, who suffers from Damage to the eyes.

Sunday, an official ceremony was organized at the town hall to celebrate Perro’s arrival. The dog was offered to Christophe thanks to the Lion’s club, which supplies guide dogs the brioche operation. “Every year for 25 years, the association offers brioches at the Christmas market, and for two years also at the gallery of the shopping center”, explained Valérie Minart, former president.

5,000 brioches are sold each year

Philippe Lekieffre, the current president, continues: ” We sell approx. 5,000 buns per year. And thanks to this, Perro is the 6th guide dog that the association can offer. »

Before joining their master, the dogs are trained for two years at the specialized center Paul Corteville, in Roncq. “This association is funded by donations and legacies. » On Sunday, during the ceremony, Perro’s former trainer arrived, visibly moved to see the dog helping his new master with so much patience and love. “A guide dog and his master are a pair that quickly become inseparable”MP Bertrand Petit smiled.

Tulip’s comeback against cancer

Philippe Lekieffre revealed that Operation Tulips Against Cancer is on track: “100,000 bulbs will be planted in a few days. »

The official presentation ended with a moving performance by Maria Doyle, a blind singer from Lorraine, who moved on to the jury of The voice in 2020.

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