The second edition of the Madrid Tech Show receives 70% more visitors than in 2021

PARIS, Oct. 28 (Benin News / EP) –

More than 12,500 people attended the second edition of the Madrid Tech Show, an event that recorded a 70% increase in visitors compared to the first edition, held last year.

Among the profiles of event attendees are service experts. in cloud, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI), data center, data centereCommerce, digital marketing, big data and C-level executives, as the organization commented in a press release sent to Europa Press.

In concrete terms, the second edition of the Madrid Tech Show, which took place at the IFEMA exhibition center in the capital, brought 12,644 information technology (IT) professional visitors. during the two days of the show, that is, 70% more than in 2021.

The organizers point out that during this edition, more than 21,000 requests to participate were registered and with more than 12,000 participants, 4,081 participated with VIP status, such as CTOs, CIOs, CDOs, CISOs, digital and e-commerce directors, and directors of operations and infrastructure.

All attendees saw innovations from more than 300 exhibiting companies up close, including the following IBM, main sponsor” of the Madrid Tech Show, or AWS, “main sponsor”.

Other sponsors of the event are Microsoft, Huawei, Google, Prestashop, IBEXA, Legrand, Cloudera, Pue, HPDenodo, Incentro, Darktrace, Checkout, SAP, Publicis Group, UPS, Paypal or Scalapay, among other brands.

The Madrid Tech Show offered more than 80 hours of presentations by more than 350 national and international keynote speakers. Among them, the Chief Dara Officer of the Spanish government, Alberto Palomo; Banco Santander’s Head of Cybersecurity Awareness, Fraud Prevention and Training, Eva Mosquera; and MEP and promoter of European AI legislation, Axel Voss.

Other notable attendees included Francesco Bonfiglio, CEO of Gaia-X aisbl, Alex Borysov, software engineer at Netflix, Vince King, DevSCOps cloud transformation manager at the Bank of England, and Timo Raab, Globel’s e-commerce director at L’Oréal.

In addition to the conferences, where companies such as Microsoft, AWS and IBM shared their successes, attendees were able to visit the following sites during the two days of the event Next Generation Data Centerrecreating a full-scale data center.

In this space, with the extension of 90 square metersit is possible to learn about the operation of a data processing center (DPC), thanks to which the participants saw and saw the different parts that make it up.

This Dunwoody DPC includes parts and services from companies such as AKS, Bergvik, Crestchic, EATON, Iceotope, IDP Data Centers, Leoch, Riello, Seenco, Toshiba, TROX, Serveo and Starline, among others.

“We are pleased with the reception given to this professional event, where the latest developments and innovative approaches in IT are presented. Starting tomorrow we will start working on the Madrid Tech Show 2023, where we will has become a benchmark fair for the sector”, commented the general manager of CloserStill Media España, Agustín Torres, at the end of this edition.


The organizers of the Madrid Tech Show have announced that at the end of these days, they will present a total 50 conferences on adjournment from companies like IBM, AWS, Mapfre or LaLiga.

This platform will also serve as a link between professionals in the IT sector until November 11, as all those registered for the event will be able to participate. the application is available to connect with technology companies and organizations.

For those unable to attend the event in person, Madrid Tech SHow also offers the possibility to access the content offered by the platform if they register before November 11.

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