Football, Coupe de France, Périgord twice present in the 8th round

This weekend of October 29 and 30, 2022 is not the busiest of the season. All federal rugby clubs are on holiday. There is no match for our Périgord clubs in the Regional Basketball League, no more than handball. Only football tops the sports news at the end of October and the transfer of CAP to National 2 rugby in Saint Jean de Luz.

Football, Coupe de France, 2 qualified in the 8th round

There will be two Périgord representatives qualified for the 8th round of the French Football Cup. A stage of the competition corresponding to the 64th finals. Back to the two matches of the 7th round and evocation of two future opponents, on November 18, 19 or 20, and it will be heavy! The two Périgord clubs inherited two Ligue 2 clubs. Trélissac FC will play against Ligue 2 leaders, Girondins de Bordeaux. For Bergerac Périgord FC it will be the red lantern of Ligue 2, the Niort club.

Club general manager Paul Fauvel (right) presents BPFC’s strategy
© Radio France

Antoine Balandra

Biars Bretenoux 1-2 Bergerac Perigord FC. Paul Fauvel, the director of Bergerac Périgord Football Club talks about his team’s qualification. “It was not easy, in front of a hostile public and sometimes borderline playing, but we were able to react and get through this round”. Played in Lot, on Saturday October 29, 2022 against local Regional 1 club, Biars Bretenoux. The locals opened the scoring in the 18th minute. Bergerac would react at the end of the first half, scoring two goals, one after the other. Final score 2 to 1 in favor of the Bergeracois, qualified for the 8th round and still on the way and even if it will be difficult to reach the quarter-finals, like last year, the club gives itself in any case, the right to dream again Video link
Bergerac locker room after qualifying, BPFC Facebook source.


In front, Jimmy Burgho, captain of Trélissac FC

Jimmy Burgho

Angouleme 1-1 Trélissac FC (3-4.pens). Friday night when the Trélissacois travel to Angoulême. A club they know well, who they face in the National 2 championship. A club they already eliminated from the Coupe de France two years ago. The trélissacois opened the scoring in the 7th minute and scored the Charentaise equalizer, in a set piece, at the end of the first half. Jimmy Burgho, captain of TFC, testifies to this meeting and the poster of the 64th finals. “We opened the scoring quickly, we could have avoided the equalizer. The following was not easy, we had great chances at the end of the match. We were able to handle the pressure during the penalty shootout”. The captain of Trélissacois, happy to face the Girondins de Bordeaux, at the end of November, it will be a big poster for the club.


Football, our clubs in the New Aquitaine League

Regional 1, Pool A, Boulazac 3-0 Angouleme (2). Trelissac (2) Saint Pantaleon. The match between Mérignac-Arlac and Mussidan Saint Medard already reported. FFF website ranking
. Boulazac is at the rendezvous, on the 2nd instant.

Regional 2, Pool DSireuil 1-1 Nontron-Saint-Pardoux. Good draw got by the nontronnais in the second of the pool. JSA files Medoc Atlantic. FFF website ranking
. Limens and Nontron in the soft underbelly of the ranking.

Regional 2, Pool ETidal Bore Prigonrieux. Bergerac-la-Catte Talent. Bergerac (2) Sarlat Marcillac. FFF website ranking
. Bergerac la Catte and Sarlat in need of relaunch, occupying the last places in the ranking.

Regional 3, Pool ENonards Altillac 1-1 Trelissac (3). Aurance Roussillon Mareuil-Verteillac. Brive ASPO Chancelade-Marsac. FFF website ranking
. The Chancelade-Marsac agreement is the leader of this group.

Regional 3, Pool F, Coulounieix-Chamiers 3-2 Vindel. Riberac 3-1 La Roche-Rivieres. Alley 2-3 Perigord Center FC. Puymoyen Thennon-Limeyrat-Fossemagne. FFF website ranking
. Coulounieix-Chamiers and Ribérac had a good start to the season, occupying 1st and 3rd place respectively in the standings.

Regional 3, Pool HArsac Lepian Medoc 4-0 Montpon-Mensplet. FFF website ranking
. Montpon-Ménesplet is still struggling in his championship, penultimate, with only two points and still little success.

Rugby, National 2, CAP

CAP on the move to Saint Jean de Luz in National 2 rugby

Alain Curutchet, vice president

Saint Jean de Luz 32-22 Perigueux. Today is the 7th day of National 2 rugby, not really in favor of the capists bowing on the grass of Saint Jean de Luz. The Basque club attacked the game and even led 22-7 at halftime. Overall, Saint Jean de Luz deserved his victory against the capists who were still relatively undisciplined. The opponents are well organized in defense. Périgueux suffered a logical defeat for Perigord coach Richard Hill. Full results and standings
of National 2.


Handball, N1F, Bergerac lost its derby in Angoulême

The Bergerac Périgord Pourpre Handball Women’s National Team

Michel Cassier, manager-coach

Angouleme 35-29 Bergerac. Saturday October 29, 2022, the night this derby starts the 7th day of National One Women’s handball. The Bergeracoises are keen to negotiate this trip, while looking for former players from the club to move to the other camp. The first half was controversial and incontrovertible. It ends 17-15 in favor of the Charrentaises. Upon returning from the locker room, the match resumed and Bergerac was not impressed and was back to a tie, 29-29 less than ten minutes into the match. “We may have come back a bit early in this match and Angoulême recovered and we gave up two counter-attacks” explains Michel Cassier, coach and manager of Bergerac Périgord Pourpre Handball. The club will play a late match, on Sunday November 6 in its Louis Aragon room, at 4:00 pm, against Montluçon. There will be an international break and the Women’s National Championship will resume at the end of November.


Basketball, ProB, bad surgery for Boulazac

Boulazac Basket Dordogne against Vichy-Clermont in the Palio in Pro B
© Radio France

Christian Lacombe

Boulazac Basket Dordogne 76-79 Vichy-Clermont. This result of the 3rd day of Pro B, is not a good operation for BBD, who lost at home and could find themselves, in case of defeat in Antibes, next Friday, in the same situation as last year . , with only one victory on the eve of the 5th day. For Alexandre Ménard, it was mainly lack of discipline. But this defeat was disappointing and the absence of Nicolas de Jong was devastating. Boulazac was almost obliged to win at Antibes. Here are the reactions of Alexandre Ménard, the Boulazacois coach and BBD’s interior player, Louis Cassier. Christian Lacombe is both on the mic. Here are those match statistics,
BBD, Vichy-Clermont, LNB site. Boulazac is 14th in the Pro B ranking and will play 5th, Antibes, on Friday night, followed live by France Bleu Périgord.



Here is Sport in Périgord, the Mag, audio version


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