Football – Coupe de France: these Montalbanis are absolutely incredible

the important thing
The Mefecists achieved a new victory last night, defeating a team three levels above. And again it is in the penalties that they pass…

Since last season, the Coupe de France suits the Montalbanis, since last season we know that we should not bring Tarn-et-Garonnais to penalties. Gardois had another bitter experience this Saturday night. However, they can consider themselves lucky to have played in this fateful session as they only owed their survival to a recovery at the far post by substitute Théo Genderma at the end of extra time (95th) otherwise was Alès who got through the door quicker there was nothing to complain about as Tarn-et-Garonnais produced more than equal play in a Verbeke stadium full.

The Gardois are still the first in charge of operations, provided that Clément Tristan (whose big return) is in almost no danger, except perhaps in this poorly negotiated exit. The Méfécistes reacted and with a great touch from Jordan Robert, Pierre Sangoï found Hichem Aouladchaib at the far post but his shot went over the crossbar (12′). Tarn-et-Garonnais is present at the meeting point in front of most beautiful nights. Although the technical skill was on the side of the visitors, MFC responded with great unity, and a good job on the field. And Tarn-et-Garonnais would even open the scoring on the half-hour mark following a magic cross from Jordan Robert who found Ryade Chaibi in the penalty spot who, with his head, deceived Louis Laurent near the post (30 ). The match was drawn and before the break Clément Tristan saved his team by stopping on the line and point-blank with the center back. Unfortunately in the process he had to bow to a very heavy punishment.

The Clement Tristan Festival

It is believed that MFC made the first blow to the head but as soon as Ryade Chaibi returned from the locker room, he grilled all the Gard defense, dribbled past the goalkeeper, before pushing the ball into the empty goal in general joy (2- 1, 46th). For a long time, Gardois will fight against the will of the Montalbanaise defense and the exploits of their goalkeeper. In a stadium in madness, the minutes ticked away until the fateful 95th minute and the equalizer. Therefore, again in “penos” that the opponent of Nîmes (L2) will be assigned. This time, Alès will have cards with a failure in Montalbanis, but the 4th shot from Gard will go over … to the side. Therefore, in sudden death the qualification will be played and will fall to the side of Montalban after a final exploit by Clément Tristant.

And now. Two derbies are on the Méfécistes program this week. This Tuesday, May 1, first the final match of the Coupe d’Occitanie against Deux rives, in Golfech (3 pm), before next Saturday the return of the championship for the long-awaited opposition against Olympic Cazes.

Montauban (R2) 2 – Ales (N2) 2 / 6 TAB in 5

In Montauban (Jean-Verbeke complex); arbitrators: Mr. Aldric Mancieoux, assisted by MM. Clement Jablonski, and Teddy Pallaruello.

MT: 1-1; end of regulation time: 2-2.

For Montauban: Ryade Chaibi (30, 46).

For Ales: Arnold Abelinti (45, sp), Theo Dengerma (90+5).

MFC-TG. Clement Tristan; Eddy Feltin, Jordan Robert (Marvin Gisbert, 87), Akexis Leclerc, Idir Mekchouche (cap), Thomas Lecuyer, Adrian Adam (Karim Ghaba, 87), Medhy Kessimou, Pierre Sangoï (Dorian Fromenteze, 68), Ryade Chaibi (Mathis Vial , 72), Hichem Aouladchaib (Kévin Legardeur, 87). coaches: Nicholas Ledru.

Warnings: Adrian Adam (15), Ryade Chaibi (25), Tristan (45), .

OLYMPIC ALES CEVENNES. Louis Laurent; Lenny Houelche, Yann Djadou (cap, Daysam Ben Nasr, 72), Jérémy Iafrate, Sofiane Jdaini (Paul Bonneau, 72), Diaguely Dabo, Jeffrey Assoumin (Joakim Balmy, 58), Lucas Franco, Arnold Abelinti, Jérémy Balmy, Brahim Mahamat Ahmat (Theo Dengerma, 58). coaches: Stephane Saurat.

Warnings: Jeremy Iafrate (15), Diaguely Dabo (90+1).

The reactions

Clement Tristan (goalkeeper): “I gave everything for the team. I was ready; the start of the season was difficult because of my suspension. I was undefeated and everything to gain. We all stood together. I made the saves we needed, it was good (smiles). It’s hard to concede a goal at the end, but we know how to keep our heads up to win in penalties, where we can collapse. I said it’s fate, it’s my moment (smiles)”.

Jordan Robert (full-back): “It’s great. I think Alès took us high but we were united, we hunched over. I was confident before the penalties. It’s for us (smile). My center on the first goal? It’s been worked on in training”.

Chaib Ouali (coach): “The players had an extraordinary fight. We got what Alès left us. I’m proud of this group, of the kids from the football school who came in droves to cheer us on. It’s great to be united like ours. The team missed the Cup; we leave some juice for the championship but it could be a trigger to return to the league. I am very happy for Clément Tristan; he deserves his place. A big congratulations to him for never giving up and deserving his place in goal”.

Pierre Sangoï (forward): “What a beautiful evening (smile). We had a great time. We hope there will be an even better party in the next round. I didn’t experience the adventure in the Cup last season. We write this year our own story. All in all , our victory was deserved, we fought well, we scored two goals, and one of them was contested. We were not in the best condition but we did what was ‘necessary’.

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