French Football Cup: Onet, finally, in eighth heaven after a historic qualification

Castonetois qualified for the 8th round, Saturday, October 29 in the evening, by overcoming Feurs. But not without trembling to the end. Aveyronnais spent a good part of the second half outnumbered. Historical.

An unrelenting courage, a Rémi Bonnet of beautiful nights, a little luck and unbearable last minutes for Castonétois supporters. The planets aligned for Yoan Boscus, his staff and his players after four unsuccessful attempts in 2001, 2005, 2013 and 2021. How difficult it was. But as they say: “The longer it is, the better it is”.

collective strength

Facing the Ligerians who caused many problems for Captain Bobek and his family, it took all the collective strength and crazy realism in both areas for the Aveyronnais to overcome the residents of N3 of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes league . . Twenty minutes after the start, the locals hit the mark. Durand, on the left, took the skin of a committed control to overflow and perfectly serve Brunet who only needed to cross Kouahe Kei, the visiting doorman. An opener that woke up Amghar’s players, the coach of Feurs, semi-finalist of the event with Rumilly in 2021.

But it couldn’t be counted out for goalkeeper Bonnet, author of a triple save at close range on opposing attackers, shortly before the half-hour mark. In the process, the crossbar saved the goalkeeper from OCF on a header from the lanky attacker, Aulagnier. Nothing seems to have happened to these Castonétois. An advantage of a unit at the break, which allowed the many supporters who filled the stands of the La Roque stadium of honor to start believing in it.

Deposing Soulatges, Brunet freed the people

Coming back from the locker room, the game could go one way or the other. Neither Brunet, whose strike flew into Onet’s sky after being served by Deplace, nor Aulagnier, who found the crossbar for the second time of the night, went unrewarded. And after the first turn of the match and Bonnet’s triple stoppage, the second turn came with the expulsion of the central defender from Aveyron, Soulatges, who nevertheless took the ball with his intervention and then the knee of an opponent.

Down the stretch, the last half hour promised to be complicated for Boscus and his flock. But ironically, by restricting the team’s block, the locals are few and far between. And finally, it was again Brunet who came to deliver a full club and a full stadium ten minutes from time after Ricci’s perfect service on the left side.

Along with offering double. We thought the case was folded, but this demon of Aulagnier came to give shivers to the yellow and blue supporters by reducing the score at the beginning of extra time. A few more minutes of misery for the players and the public, before the referee was brought out. Onet has finally reached the eighth heaven!

Reactions after the match

Yoan Boscus, coach of Onet: “The group has again shown great solidarity. Alex (Daurenjou) told the press today that they are all ready to put their ass on the ground for a friend and that’s what we got. saw. It allows us to work well during the week. The boys showed a lot of abnegation, courage. Grasse in the next round, it will be a good piece, but before that, there is Castanet next week and it will be interesting to get a result there”.

Fatsah Amghar, Feurs coach: “Onet had very few situations and was very effective. We had no success and it was clear. At 2-0, it was difficult to come back. We left with many regrets. Tonight it was the efficiency that made the difference between the two teams “.

Rémi Bonnet, goalkeeper of Onet: “This is my third 7th round, and this time it is the right one. Finally, we got there. Now it will be interesting. We will receive an N2, and we will play with our weapons. The cup, we play it’s to win these matches.”

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