French Football Cup: three overseas clubs eliminated in the 7th round, four more in the running for the 8th round

Clubs from New Caledonia, Mayotte and Polynesia were all eliminated in the 7th round of the Coupe de France. Teams from Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique and Reunion who will play their regional final this weekend will soon face clubs from France.

None of the three overseas clubs that faced teams from France this weekend made it past 7e round of the Coupe de France, the national competition where small and big clubs from all over the country meet.

Hienghene Sport’s Caledonians are the most likely to qualify. They played on the ground of Saint-Quentin (Aisne), against the National 2 team. They even opened the scoring in the 38th minute with a goal from Jefferson Dahité, despite a complicated first period.

In the second half, OL Saint-Quentin was able to equalize in the 64th minute, from Jessy Cambrone’s free kick. Until the end, the prospect of punishments became more and more likely. But the Saint-Quentin team achieved victory thanks to a goal from Valentin Viot in extra time (92nd minute). Final score: 2-1.

Directly from New Caledonia, Cagous was removed for 4e times in their history in 7e round of the Coupe de France.

The Polynesians also believed in it, but for a little while. AS Venus is the only Overseas club to play at home in these 7e round of the Coupe de France. Tahitians received ASM Belfort (National 2).

In the first half, neither team was in the lead. We had to wait for 65e minutes to see the first goal, scored by Belfortain Julien Chapit.

Released, the players of the Franche-Comté club scored two more goals at the end of the match, one from Lucas Cuenin from a corner in the 82eand one from Julien Chapit again in added time in the 93rde. Final score: 0-3.

If the Polynesians believed in it for two thirds of the match and the Caledonians until the last seconds, the Diables Noirs of Combani (Mayotte) were crushed by the FC Annecy team that received them. The Savoyards, playing in the Ligue 2 championship, opened the scoring from 10e minutes with a goal from Ahmed Kashi. On the 24the minute, Vincent Pajot scored 2e goal from a corner.

A few minutes later, Mahorais managed to close the gap to 29 thanks to Braham Fadhul’s goal.

The Black Devils’ hopes of getting back on the scoreboard were quickly dashed: a penalty whistled against them was converted in the 34th.e minute by Sahi Dion (3-1). Vincent Pajot hit a header in extra time in the first half, scoring his 2e aim With the score 4 to 1 at half-time, Annecy left Combani with little chance.

Coming back from the locker room, it was a long descent into hell for the Mahorais. They cashed 5e goal at 65e minute, Vincent Pajot scored again. Rebel at 71e minute, where they took a shot from Sahi Dion (6-1). Savoyard Bengueddoudj nailed the Black Devils with 7e goal at 84e minutes, and 8e at 88e. Final score without appeal: 8-1.

As part of this 7e round of the Coupe de France, several regional finals will also take place this weekend.

The Aiglon du Lamentin team won the regional cup by defeating the Golden Lion of Saint-Joseph, this Saturday afternoon (Fort-de-France time).

Undefeated since the start of the season, the Golden Lion is the favorite. But his defenders made a mistake as half time approached, a mistake Maël Crifar immediately took advantage of to score for Aiglon in the 39the.

In the second period, the match was less intense, but everything was in a hurry in the last minutes: Kart Vitulin scored the second goal for the Lamentin club in 87e minutes. The Saint-Joseph team managed to close the gap to 90e thanks to a penalty converted by Thierry Catherine, but it wasn’t enough to turn the match around.

L’Aiglon therefore qualifies for 8e turn one on score 2-1and will meet a French club, the opponent remains determined.

Saint-Pierroise received the Tamponnaise this Sunday at 1 pm (Paris time). In this Southern derby between two teams that know each other, Saint-Pierroise started as favorites knowing they had beaten Tamponnaise in their last two encounters.

But neither of them could decide between them in the match, in the first or second period. Since there was no extra time in this phase of the competition, the referee directly arranged the penalty shootout.

First to shoot, Saint-Pierroise was also the first to open: team captain Alexandre Loricourt who passed in the 4th missed his shot. Therefore it is in a score 0-0 (4-5 on penalties) that Tamponnaise won the regional cup.

He will receive Aubervilliers (N3), who created a surprise by defeating the Quevilly-Rouen Métropole club (Ligue 2). The match will take place on November 20, the start date of the World Cup.

Two other matches remain to be played this Sunday night. In Guyana : Geldar de Kourou will face ASU Grand-Santi at 3:30 pm (7:30 pm Paris time).

In GuadeloupeÉtoile Morne-à-l’Eau will play against Sporting Baie-Mahault from 4 pm (9 pm Paris time).

Both matches will be followed live in Guyana the 1st and Guadeloupe the 1st. As for Reunion and Martinique, the two teams that win their regional finals will challenge a team from France in the next round of the Coupe de France.

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