How the football club wants to strengthen the animation in the village of Laons

Laons, its church, its school, its grocery store, its sports café and its (too) rare associations. In this town of about 680 souls, in the middle of a cereal plain, a very quick step from Brezolles, the revival of the football club (Friendly Sports Union Laons), a year ago, was experienced as a beautiful shine for the attractiveness of the territory.

A service house in France in Brezolles

“College Management”

The oldest remember that a former resident of Laons, Alexandre Lecacheur, turned pro at AJ Auxerre, under the charismatic Guy Roux, but “competition” was not the raison d’être of the village club, explains the its leader Milan Radic. Living in the village for almost 30 years, he wanted to combine energies, not attached to a title. “Our management is first and foremost collegial. Football is just an excuse. Friendship is the engine of everything”. “This is our cement, there is group unity,” added François Crémieux, 58 and dean of the club. The youngest, François, is 18 years old.

Since its relaunch, the club has seen an increase in membership (30 this year compared to 18 in 2021). “It’s mostly adults, we don’t have youths yet, but that’s part of our plans. We intend to build a bridge at school. “If friendly matches are, of course, arranged in the stadium, one of the interests is the third half, with a few drinks (in moderation), snacks, coffee …

“The players want to invite the widest possible public to welcome them, contributing to the animation of the village. Their strategy has already been heard by some local sponsors who offer a financial or material donation. “It makes sense to help in the club, I played there when I was a teenager,” said Sany Benzamia, roofer-zinc worker.

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The boss of the Café des sports, Jean-Michel Angst, also gave a helping hand here. Workers, associations, individuals also make their contribution. “Even if it’s the quantity, it’s the gesture that counts!” The municipality is also a partner, both financially and in the loan of the premises, including the stadium.
Fair for all, night, centenary…

For the mayor Laurent Tremblay, “He is the one who gives life to the country that does not have many entertainment structures, apart from the festival committee.”

Because the needs are there: renovation of the lighting of the stadium with LED bulbs, purchase of jerseys, jackets, changing room to be modernized… not to mention the reimbursement of the gas bill for the water in the showers. In addition, the club plays in several entertainment areas with a particular all-purpose fair on May 8 (“It’s always a success”) and a paella evening on March 11, performed by a musical group (Bigoudi).

This Saturday afternoon, the good team meets at the Café des sports. We talk about the project, we joke, we talk about the centenary of the club in 2024… and Milan adds, all smiles: “We’re going there! Like a slogan of a whole village ready to score new goals!


Olivier Bohin

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