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After winning last Friday night’s Longines 160 Grand Prix with his brilliant Caracole de la Roque, Julien Epaillard took to the stage again on Saturday night, at the Equita Masters by Hermès Sellier, this time in control of a product of his breeding, the youth. (nine years old) Donatello d’Auge.

We panic, we go into ecstasy and we don’t know what the title is. It must be said that the exploits of Julien Epaillard, weekend after weekend, is enough to leave you enthusiastic and in awe. Friday night, already, the rider of Caracole de la Roque (Zandor Z) signed an impressive jump-off, described by Michel Robert as “impossible”, which we thought – right – simply unparalleled. So he was ahead of the great Germans Jana Wargers and his good Limbridge (Guardus Limbus), who has already experienced several dangers, in about three seconds (results here). Sixty-six victories since the start of the year… So, of course, when the 5* Equita announcer, Yannick Bichon, warming up the public a little on Saturday night when Epaillard entered the track, the spectators did not fail to encourage the Habs and encourage him to continue his momentum, to achieve a new victory and to speak his talent. And why not another success?

Twenty of them, Saturday evening, will start the event in two rounds, the Equita Masters, sponsored by Maison Hermès. And the Tricolores did not fail to distinguish themselves there, because the first clear round, in the first round, was signed by the reigning French Pro Elite champion couple, Penelope Leprevost and his Texas (Tornesch 1042). Simon Delestre and his gelding Dexter Fontenis Z (Diarado), nine years old, as well Kevin Staut and Dialou Blue PS (Diarado’s Boy) will also be sure to leave the second round unblemished, as Julien Epaillard and his Donatello d’Auge (Jarnac), who set the best time in the first race, even if it was not taken into account. As for the Megane Moissonnier and his sweet Bracadabra (Pacific des Essarts) as well Gregory Cottard and Cocaïne du Val (Mylord Carthago), both out on four points, but still getting their ticket for the second round.

And Mégane Moissonnier will not let go, in this second round, because she signed a fast clear round (40.82), which will allow her to hold the lead for several hours with a total of four points. But young Bressanne will be overtaken by Pénélope Leprévost, who made four points in the second run, but with a faster time (38.53), and the Dutchman Jur Vrieling, cleared in the first round, cleared in the second round with the son of Comme Il faut, Comme Laude W (41.79). Only two of them could not accumulate penalties at the end of the two races: Jur Vrieling and… Julien Epaillard, who again missed the meeting and improved the Dutchman’s time by two seconds. With his nine-year-old horse, the rider knows how to balance between not asking too much of a young mount and the goal of winning (event results here).

Sixty-seven victories since the beginning of the year… Nothing is guaranteed in sport. But Julien Epaillard imposed himself, one after another, opted for fair risk-taking and never seemed to put his mounts in the red. Balance, tempo, layout… He knows where to go, what rhythm to give, the method seems flawless. The suspense is over, but the viewer’s satisfaction is still diminished. ” I can’t believe myself. I won the last seven events I ran. I have the opportunity to ride rare horses, but it always takes a bit of luck. You have to take advantage of it while the wave is there. If some riders are successful by the quality of one or more mounts, we cannot say that Julien Epaillard’s success is based only on that. For several months, Norman plays with many horses, which he puts in his hands and with which he manages to create a real osmosis.

We look forward to the Grand Prix this Sunday afternoon!

Sylvia Flahaut

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