Mylerz Morocco, a logistics specialist with an African outlook

“The company has presented itself as a Moroccan company that offers a relevant and zen logistics and transport service”, indicates its CEO, Nabil Gharib.

Mylerz Maroc is a new Moroccan transport and logistics company that approaches the market with great ambitions. Its business model is based on partnerships to combine strategic resources in the areas of warehousing, transportation, customs clearance and e-commerce. It aims to cover all regions of Morocco and also gain a foothold in Africa. Interview with Mylerz Morocco general manager Nabil Gharib.

Le Matin: Where did the idea for the creation of Mylerz Morocco come from and how did it come to fruition?

Nabil Gharib:
Mylerz Maroc is a Moroccan transport and logistics company that has built its reputation as a specialist in transport solutions and advice and customs clearance. The startup was officially created and launched in Morocco on July 1, 2022, but the idea took four years to mature. In fact, in 2019, and following the initiative of former national leaders who accumulated significant knowledge in the Arab-American multinational transport and logistics company, the Moroccan team decided to fulfill the challenge of creating Moroccan FedEx, led by the national skills. to face international competition. For the Moroccan group, such a project will mark the end of foreign leadership and the beginning of Moroccan dominance in the international transport sector in Morocco and Africa.

Company culture is important, how did you shape the DNA of Mylerz Morocco?
From its earliest days, the company presented itself as a Moroccan company offering relevant and zen logistics and transport services. Moreover, the six-letter meaning (My Logistics and Ecommerce are Relevant and Zen) inspires relevance and wisdom in managing logistics and transportation services. An innovation in this sector long known for fast and objective management.
Mylerz Maroc uses this name to shape the company’s culture and its modern Moroccan management style. Led by an expert Moroccan team, Mylerz Morocco can easily adapt to the national market because the Moroccan entrepreneur knows the local market better and can easily move to an African and international market. A choice that experts consider as a management model that will allow Mylerz Morocco to position itself, not as a simple transport company, but as a management culture.

Mylerz Morocco specializes in e-commerce and logistics. Can you tell us more about his activity?
Mylerz Morocco is a national transport delivery company and an international transport freight forwarder that has strengthened its warehousing service offering, through its warehouses in Lissasfa. It complements its services with transit and management consulting. It is a total package of logistics and transportation services that will allow the company to position itself as a solution provider.

What is the business plan chosen to differentiate itself from the competition? And what is the strength of the startup?
The business plan of Mylerz Morocco was prepared and launched together with investors-shareholders, strategic partners and some customers. A choice that brings together Mylerz Morocco’s strategy based on partnerships and alliances. Our competitive advantage is based on our company’s ability to attract the best talent in the sector, to limit the field of competition by offering a complete package to customers, and through strategic differentiation business area (DAS) of the company. We mention, as an example, the Last Mile Delivery of e-commerce which aims to support e-merchants to enable them to reduce the return of parcels and increase their online sales. In this sense, we have made relay points available to our e-commerce friends to give their customers the opportunity to collect their products. In addition, we have also created an online training academy in collaboration with a logistics institute. Our goal is to support e-commerce entrepreneurs to build their business and move into corporate mode. Obviously, each DAS is strengthened and recognized to build a stable business.

And how is the start of activity for Mylerz Morocco?
Mylerz Morocco has been launched 3 months ago and the recruitment plan has been validated. The management team took the form of a management committee (Codir) that leads the strategy and ensures compliance with the vision and managers started in August 2022. The month of September is dedicated to recruiting sales and customer relations as well as the marketing Team. Only the Last and Middle Mile business is scheduled for the end of October 2022, the time to complete the set-up of operations and training. The aim is to prepare Mylerz Morocco to accompany Black Friday.

Setting up such a service requires investment. How much is the funding for this project?
We are very strict in selecting investors. We decided, from the creation of the company, to keep a Moroccan imprint, and signed an investment and shareholding contract with a major Moroccan investor who offered, in addition to the budget, the logistical infrastructure, his knowledge of transportation and consulting in management. Monitoring and support bodies have been set up. For the starting budget, it will be between 4 and 8 million DH injected over four quarters.

What is your strategy for attracting partners?
We operate in a competitive environment. To succeed, we have built our approach on our Moroccan culture and our knowledge, strengthened by the Zen culture of Mylerz. These elements can be combined as follows:
. The expertise of human capital and commercial aggressiveness: in this sense, we take our talents based on two criteria: validated know-how and entrepreneurship. We are not looking for employees. We need partner-entrepreneurs with the ability to innovate.
• Artificial intelligence and operational excellence: these two aspects differentiate logistics companies that give great importance to cost and time. For Mylerz Morocco, intelligence and efficiency will be used to optimize and automate processes. We control our operating costs well and prefer the agile model.
• Customer experience: This is a key factor in Mylerz Morocco that will shape the Brand, define its value and help maintain market share. Many customer relationship management tools have been adopted for this purpose.
• Mylerz culture: our culture uses zen management that will allow us to offer our talents a good environment for work and development. As an ex-HRD, I am personally committed to creating this zen culture where my colleagues feel happy every morning when they walk the road to Mylerz Morocco.
For launch, which regions will your services cover? And what are your growth prospects?
At the national level, we are in Casablanca, Tangier and Marrakech, but our development covers all regions of Morocco. We are also considering presence in the city of Dakhla. At the regional level, Mylerz Morocco projects itself geographically towards Africa because, geopolitically, Morocco remains an important gateway to the African continent.

In terms of workforce, how many positions has Mylerz Morocco created? And what profiles are encouraged or sought after?
The review of the recruitment plan for 2022-2023 allowed us to determine the amount of a start-up workforce of 50 employees in the first year. We maintain a monthly increase in our workforce of 10%. At the qualitative level, we will need transport, logistics, sales and marketing profiles as well as support functions, without forgetting cost killers, quality specialists and financiers with proven support experience in stock market companies.

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