Quick and easy sporty hairstyles, which ones to favor and which ones to avoid?

Did you know ? The ponytail is one of the most popular hairstyles when it comes to choosing how to wear your hair for sports. However, this method of tying his mane is not recommended by specialists. They indicate, in fact, that the ponytail is not a good option, even if it is considered very practical. Why is this and what are the hairstyles you can bet on when you want to exercise at home or outside the home? All details in this file on easy and quick sports hairstyle.

Quick and easy sports hairstyle: is a ponytail a good idea?

When it comes to choosing a hairstyle for sports, we usually bet on slicked back hair. And that is probably a logical choice. Tied hair is more convenient to wear when moving. In addition, with such a hairstyle, there is no risk of messing up your hair or, if so, having to get dirty while practicing a difficult outdoor activity.

However, the ponytail is not the best choice in terms of sporty hairstyle options. This is the case because the movements we make damage the ends of the hair. By tying her hair this way, you risk damaging her mane. But, in this case, which hairstyle to choose to play sports? Here are some approved ideas that we recommend to you.

Sports hairstyle: some practical options that do not harm the hair

sports hairstyle braids

When it comes to finding the best sports hairstyle for practicing physical activity at home or outdoors, there are dozens of interesting options to choose from. What is important is that the hairstyle meets these few criteria:

  • that it is easy and quick to perform, to give you time to focus on the physical activity itself;
  • that it leaves you the freedom to move to help you practice your favorite sport;
  • that hairstyle does not damage your hair to help you look good even when you leave the gym.

As a rule, therefore, one chooses a look with tied hair, because this type of hairstyles facilitates movement and helps focus on the physical activity itself. Even if you have short hair, you can tie a part to create a more practical look.

Sports hairstyle for short or long hair with braids

sports hairstyle short hair braids

Braids are among the best options for working out. They lend themselves to different hairstyles, for long or medium hair. Perfect for any type of physical activity, braids take a little time to learn how to do at the very beginning. Then, they are really easy to make and wear, to the gym or out. In addition, there are many different types of braids, which allows you to vary your look according to your preferences.

Sports hairstyles with a bun to wear at home or out

sports hairstyle for long hair easy

Another great choice of sporty hairstyle for home or for going out is the bun. This option is particularly suitable for long hair but it can also be rejected with variants adapted to shorter cuts. Unlike a ponytail, a bun does not damage the ends of the hair. In addition, it helps to secure the hair, which is ideal for some types of more dynamic activities.

The bun is one of the perfect options for a simple and quick sports hairstyle.

quick and easy sports hairstyle

You can choose between several ways to customize it and adapt it to the type of sport you do. For example, add a scarf or headband to it to tie the hair in front. If you have bangs, you can also hold them with a small braid in the front or with a barrette.

Sports hairstyle for long hair with two braids and buns

sports hairstyle for long hair

You can also decide to combine the two previous looks, especially if you have long hair. In this case, try making braids that you can wear in mini buns. In addition to being super cute, this sporty hairstyle is perfect for outdoor activities. You can also wear it to the beach or the pool.

Sports hairstyles for short hair

sports braid hairstyle for short hair

If you like sports, you can also bet on a short cut that is easier to maintain and wear on a daily basis. Short hair can be held in place with a side braid, for example. If you need to discover ideas for short haircuts, you can check out our collection of ideas here.

Sports hairstyle idea with bun

sporty hairstyle with bun

Hairstyles with short hair can also be worn with a small high bun that allows you to tie the hair in the front. This option is also ideal if you decide to let your hair grow. In addition, it is very simple to make and only requires a rubber band that you can keep in your purse at all times.

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