should we go so far as to turn off the hot water in sports clubs?

It was a hilarious tweet from a football player that sent the networks into a frenzy. No shower is possible after the Brunstatt-Didenheim match this Sunday, October 30 for reasons of energy composure. So the municipality decided to face an increase in fees, a decision that the club also supports.

Many municipal councils have taken drastic decisions in recent days regarding energy efficiency. And for good reason gas and electricity bills promise to be more than steep, here and there we plan on multiplying by 3, 4 or even 10 on said bills.

So we save at all costs, get out of the light at night, many cities start turning off public lights generally between 11 pm and 5 am approximately. We turn down the heating wherever we can, we rationalize the use of municipal buildings, we lower the temperature of swimming pools, even closing some pools.

The associations are clearly concerned with these measures, particularly the gymnasiums see their temperature drop from 19 to 16, even 14 degrees as for example on the side of the integration of Saint-Louis in the Haut-Rhin or in Brunstatt-Didenheim .

In this small town in Sundgau, it was also decided to remove the shower from the sports halls and therefore from the football club. It was certainly a player, from a rival team (Traubach) who came to play this Sunday, October 30, who was surprised, half delighted, half annoyed on social networks.

“There was no shower after our game against Brunstatt can we read because the town hall is doing energy sobriety (…) fortunately in Sundgau, we are still washing”.

We contacted Christophe Bitsch by phone who confirms his amazement. “The club is so beautiful, it hurts me for them, I think it’s penny-pinching savings and in the end, the carbon footprint, it’s not terrible because we all took a detour to go home to take a shower”.

The player, former treasurer of his club Traubach also recognizes that it is easier for them to manage. “We are a small club, we have a small subsidy from the city, but the fees, we pay them licenses, events, sponsors and at the moment, we can handle”.

On the other hand, for FC Brunstatt, it is the city that funds. And the president of the club, understood and approved the steps taken. “The city supports us a lot, we have great facilities, it’s normal for everyone to work hard”explains Serge Allegretti.

In addition, the town hall sought the help of associations to come up with energy saving ideas. “We refocused the training scheduleadded Serge Allegretti, dTo optimize the niches, we reduced the lighting by 50%. In total, we save 75%. So, of course it’s not easy, but in a month, it’s the truce at least we’ll be able to play, unlike the covid period”the club president smiled to end it.

Moreover, he is convinced of this, they are precursors, all connecting vessels need to reduce the airfoil to support energy costs. In Brunstatt-Didenheim, all sectors were affected in complete transparency, as the city wrote a letter to its citizens to warn them.

“Change to 19° for all municipal buildings, except school buildings which are at 20°; sports halls to 14° and elimination of showers; some events planned in the municipal sports hall (SMS ) and need heating will be canceled or postponed, this building is a real thermal sieve. For example, the mayor’s swearing-in ceremony will be held outside with the burning of trees. Also, the celebration of our seniors will be postponed to the spring for the convenience of our seniors.”, can we read especially in this letter.

Optimize, rationalize or even kill or cut are verbs that are likely to enter our vocabulary and our daily lives in the near future.

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