Soccer. Alençon – Le Havre: post-match reactions after victory in the Coupe de France

After the US Alençon qualification, the players and supporters talked for a long minute. ©L’Orne Hebdo

After the deadly penalty shootout, US Alencon (National 3) created the work, Saturday, October 29, during the seventh round of the Coupe de France. At home, in front of the public of the Jacques-Fould stadium, boiling, removed by the Greens Le Havre ACbut three divisions above and currently runners-up in Ligue 2, and have qualified for the eighth round.

Discover the reactions after the match of this beautiful game of football, rich in goals (3-3, TAB 5-4) and won by Ornais.

Nicolas Bansard, president of US Alençon

” Excellent. They were full of emotions, joys that happen very rarely when you are a leader. The players had an extraordinary game against a pro team, three divisions above us, who train twice a day. They was heroic, brave and good at the game. The scenario was cruel ending with the equalizer in the 95th minute. Then we reversed the course of the penalty. I think, in terms of courage, it was deserved. I ‘m super happy, especially when you see all this audience. It gives a balm to the heart. Only sport can give you such an emotion. And I want to thank the inhabitants of Le Havre who decided to leave the recipe entirely to us. It’s a class gesture! »

Public of Alençon Le Havre French Cup 2022
At the Jacques-Fould stadium in Alençon, almost 2,000 spectators cheered their team on throughout the match. ©L’Orne Hebdo

Vincent Laigneau, coach of US Alençon

“What a match, we always lead the score! I think a player rode with us. This is my number 10 that I have had for eight years, an extraordinary man, Amaury Tessier. He was the trigger of the meeting. Not only in his goals, but in his going to the beginning. He led the team forward, along with Hakim El Hamdaoui. Before the match, I told my players: “Let go, free yourself with intelligence and have heart”.

“In the penalty shootout? I always say that another game is about to start. I told the players to get rid of emotions, get out of the game and concentrate. When I see it’s my right back, 37 years old (Tony Hiaumet, editor’s note), who takes the ball and shoots first by placing it very well, it gets everyone on board. And we scored five times. It was a well-deserved victory. »

Vincent Laigneau, coach of US Alençon

“The cup belongs to a club, to a city, to the volunteers who worked like crazy for 10 days, to the players. I met Vire against a Ligue 2 and, there, I think it my reference match. The following ? All in its time. You have to enjoy and recover. There is Dieppe coming up in the league, an important match. Then, we approach the next round, when, with so much that humility, and we will try to forget this match there in time.

Amaury Tessier, striker for US Alencon

“It’s fun for us, the staff, the other players in the group, the young people of the club who sing and dance with us. To see this union in an amateur club is wonderful. Tony Hiaumet and I talk about it, we might not experience it until later in our career. We had to take full advantage and I think we honored our colors and our city. There are games where everyone is successful. My shot on goal was not very good but the counter-foot tricked the goalkeeper.

“We fought. The extra soul we have today, me and Hakim did it but, in the end, it was the work of a whole team. We can be proud of ourselves like everyone who is present tonight. »

Amaury Tessier, striker for US Alencon

Hakim El Hamdaoui, striker for US Alencon

“Honestly, this whole show was amazing. We couldn’t believe it. It was very hard, we ran a lot. We believed in our chances. We had the whole audience behind us for 90 min. It was an unbelievable atmosphere. We managed to open the scoring, we got equalized. We manage to regain the advantage, equalized again. And, I managed to put this goal, I don’t know how. Behind, we win on penalties, crazy emotions this. »

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Romain Hanquinquant, goalkeeper of US Alençon

“Complicated match, worthy of the Coupe de France. We showed great mental strength because being upstaged twice by a professional team is not easy. At the back, we take this goal in the last minutes. In the penalty shootout, we had to do the job. We made it. This session was disappointing because I started on the right side at first. The following is well drawn. The fourth one, I feel he will open up in his way of putting the ball down. I start on the right side, I have success with me. »

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