The National Sports Agency wants to speed up the coordination of local sports policies

Michel Cadot and Frédéric Sanaur, respectively president and director ofYEAR showed themselves to be calm, Wednesday, September 28, before the commission for cultural affairs and education of the National Assembly, which invited them to speak on the report presented on September 21 by the Court of Auditors. Thus they provided explanations and announcements of developments regarding each of the “contradictions and difficulties” pointed out by this report in the establishment of the ANS and the new management of the sport.

Territorial reduction is accelerating

First topic: the “GIP bet”, in the words of Michel Cadot. “This choice of sharing management is not easy for everyone within the State”, he observes, testifying that it nevertheless proves to be “effective, proactive and constructive, around shared objectives”. He explained that it involves “methodology” and office meetings that take several hours, but “democratic votes are allowed, almost always unanimous”.

But the second bet, now, he acknowledges, is that this function is better denied at the regional level. If the Court of Auditors notes the slow establishment of bodies and tools for the territorial management of sport, Frédéric Sanaur, for his part, considers “that a tremendous job has been done by all the actors”. By the end of September, he assured us, 40% of these bodies and tools had been put in place, “without a leader and without checking the general clause of the communities’ abilities”.

So, 14 CRdS is already in place and New Caledonia should be in a few days and, he assured, “almost all the Territorial Sports Projects (PST) in mainland France will be ratified by the end of 2022” (that Brittany will be early 2023). Bertrand Sorre, deputy for Ariège (Renaissance), and co-rapporteur, in April 2021, of a flash mission pointing to “a sluggish installation” of the territorial management of this sport, assures today that ” welcome to the work done since a year and a half”.

ANS managers consider the choice made by most CRdS, moving forward, to focus only on 3 to 5 priority objectives out of the 8 planned at the national level. However, Loire-Atlantique representative Jean-Claude Raux (Nupes) recalled, “a 9e objective, that of the ecological transition, was only added this year”. A theme that can “without difficulty be the subject of amendments to the PST”, assured Frédéric Sanaur.

Funders: for better coordination

However, things are more difficult for funders’ conferences, which are set in only three regions. As for the multi-year orientation and funding contracts, Frédéric Sanaur confirmed for the Gazette that nothing has been signed yet. But he sees no difficulty in that: making sure that “this will be the last step”, he does not include them in his calculation of 40% of the establishment of bodies and tools of territorial management.

However, this was one of the topics discussed on July 18 in a seminar organized by the Ministry of Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games, with all national and regional players and institutions. A seminar led to the dissemination, on September 6, of a framework note for the management of the territory for the period 2022-2024.

While the Court of Auditors pointed out the need to strengthen and further share the coordination of the CRdS, this memo from the ANS calls on the presidents of the CRdS and the Drajes to promote “a shared implementation of responsibilities”. It also encourages greater flexibility in working methods (distance meetings, sharing experiences, work in small groups, calling on experts, etc.) for greater efficiency. Territorial credits may be raised for the day-to-day management of Conferences.

As for the financial plan, it is a matter of convincing the communities to find a common guideline for their respective political orientations for sport. “The ANS has no ambition or prerogative to intervene in this dimension, explained for La Gazette Frédéric Sanaur, but we have the desire to move towards better coordination”.

So, to “demonstrate the change and densification of collective action”, he continued, the ANS asks each CRdS, in the outline note of September 6, to “release, within 6 months of the adoption of the PST , a flagship project at the level of each region, in line with the priorities defined and likely to be carried out together”. Including “in a mutualizing logic” and co-financing, refers to Michel Cadot, who brought together all the presidents of the CrDS, on September 29, to encourage them to do so. Finally, the CRdS des Hauts-de-France, presenting its PST on October 3, was invited to set an example.

A clarification of skills

A meeting of the board of directors of the ANS scheduled for October 6 is an opportunity to give answers to the Court of Auditors on other topics. First of these: a clarification of the respective competences of the ANS and the Sports Department of the ministry.

“We have completed a very detailed picture of the sharing of our responsibilities,” explained Michel Cadot in his hearing at the National Assembly. Therefore, this table will be presented to the administrators of the ANS, then, assures Frédéric Sanaur, will be “widely shared with sports players”. According to him, the document “reaffirms the administration of the Sports Department”, whose missions are “sovereign and strategic”. As for ANS, it is a “state operator and carries an operational program”.

Another topic on the agenda of this October 6 board of directors: the relaxation of the criteria for the allocation of aid from the “5000 local sports facilities” plan. In fact, explains Frédéric Sanaur, “we have several requests from communities that are not in the QPV or the ZRR and who want to be eligible”.

From the 2000 devices that were the subject of a commitment on September 28 – except for Ile-de-France where 80% are in QPV-, 77% are in ZRR. “We did not expect such a proportion, commented the director of ANS. We will do an investigation to deepen this assessment”.

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