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Beautiful days are coming back and with them, make way for spring and then summer look, gentlemen! To make this transition, white sneakers are the essential piece. The main par excellence, returned to the front of the stage in the early 2010s thanks to the rediscovered success of Stan Smith.

But next to the mythical sneakers with three stripes, how to have style with white sneakers? Which brand and which model is more specific?To help you with your approach, we thought of three look ideas, and many ways to wear white sneakers.

And at the end of the article, you will find the ultimate advice to have class in your nice clean shoes!

3 ways to wear white sneakers when you’re a man

Here is now an established fact: white sneakers have (again) become a must in men’s wardrobe. Sporty in its early days, the pair of sneakers now goes into many other styles. Still need to know how to link it well to avoid mistakes in taste.

Come on, enough blabla, time to get to the heart of the matter: here it is 3 different ways to wear white sneakers.

1. Sporty-chic white sneakers

Go for a suit jacket with a matching waistcoat, a white shirt and well-cut canvas trousers. At your feet, opt for Seventies-inspired white shoes : then you get an outfit with an absolutely beautiful chic accent with a touch of unique sportiness.

To achieve this subtle blend, get low leather shoes to maintain a touch of elegance and sophistication through the material. You can shop Adidas collections (the Stan Smith, of course, but also the Superstar), Reebok and Le Coq Sportif (the legendary Arthur Ashe) or even Nike models. These three brands each have different designs that have been pulled from the 70s, where flower power was ideal. You can’t go wrong with these pieces.

You can add a touch of modernity by choosing a vegan leather model from Subtle or a pair made in France from Jules & Jenn: you combine style and eco-consciousness! The top will be fashionable in the 2020s!

To add some fun to this look, you can pick up the vest in a different color from the jacket. A dark gray for the latter and a matte black for the former. By simply changing the color of your clothes and keeping only white sneakers as the basis of your silhouettes, you can create dozens of different looks! Or have you already picked some stylish white basketball pairs for this 2022 season.

Jules and Jenn grained leather sneakers made in France: €160
White sneakers made in France in grained leather Jules and Jenn
Vegan Epsilon Subtle Shoes sneakers: €110
White Sneakers 2022 - Vegan Epsilon Sneakers Fine Shoes
Reebok Royal Complete Clean 2.0: €50
2022 White Sneakers - Reebok Royal Complete Clean 2.0
Le Coq Sportif Arthur Ashe Made in France: €159
Men's white trainers 2022 - Le Coq Sportif Arthur Ashe Made in France
Adidas Stan Smith 2022: €100
White sneakers for men 2022 - Adidas Stan Smith

2. White “sporty lounge” canvas sneakers

Yes, the title of this look is a bit… vague! By word lounge, I mean casual, casual… In other words, a simple but effective look. For this, I bet everything canvas models. Also, historically, white sneakers were made of canvas, but I’ll spare you here the clothes of tennis players from the 1930s.

Brands Victoria, Superga, Veja, Feiyue and Faguo (our favorite) are excellent references to these models. To keep the spirit cool and carefree, we’ll go with camel or green canvas pants (chino or carrot style), a white polo shirt (little reminder of the shoes) and a chunky knit jacket or a gray, black jacket university style or blue (light or dark according to your taste).

The little plus of white sneakers is that most colors suit them. You can, as for sporty chic style, have fun mixing colors while putting this white canvas trainer at the center of your look. You can add to all this a canvas or leather backpack. And why not colored laces? A touch of originality can (almost) never hurt!

Feiyue Fe Lo 1920: €39.99
Feiyue Fe Lo 1920 White Sneakers
Superga Cotu Classic: €44.90
White Sneakers 2022 -Superga Cotu Classic
Victoria Deportivo: €24.99
Victoria Deportivo white sneakers
Lacoste Gripshot: €95
White Trainers 2022 - Lacoste Gripshot

3. Purely sporty white sneakers (or almost)

Basketball remains above all as part of the sports wardrobe. But you’ll find that the models I’m going to discuss here can have a different look.

So, starting with a model of white high top sneakersyou can wear skinny jogger pants from Sweet Pants as well as loose fit from H&M.
For the top, get a white or light-colored t-shirt from your favorite brand (for me, American Apparel, River Island, Uniqlo or even Bershka…): then you have the basic outfit sports.

But if you replace jogging with faded jeans, that you hide the t-shirt and add a sportswear-style jacket (to be worn anywhere but a weight room), you completely subvert the sports style without completely denying it. Not so easy!

Nike Air Force 1 Mid ’07: €119.99
Nike Air Force 1 Mid '07 White Sneakers
Piola Cayma High: €240
White sneakers 2022 - Piola Cayma High
Ami de coeur sneakers AMI: 370€
Ami de coeur sneakers AMI Paris

The ultimate tip: clean your white sneakers thoroughly

Choosing the right model of white sneakers and pairing them with the right outfit is good. This is a good starting point. But to have style on a daily basis, there is another important element: the maintenance of your shoes.

We have already dedicated a complete article, dedicated to cleaning white sneakers, but a reminder seems useless.

For canvas shoes, mix water, dishwashing liquid, baking soda and… elbow grease will help you find the white of the past in your trainers.

If you need cleaning white leather sneakers, cleaning milk can be a very effective solution: in addition to removing stains, it will nourish the shoe leather! Know that antibacterial gel (yes, the one everyone is looking for during confinement) also works well as a last resort. Also, don’t forget to waterproof your sneakers regularly to extend their lifespan.

In both cases, remember to remove the laces before cleaning your shoes. This will prevent them from “bleeding” into the shoe and facilitate tongue retention. Along with this, you can put your laces in the washing machine to give them a bright tint.

Another way to wash your white sneakers
Our opinion on the Philips Sneaker Cleaner

How to wear white sneakers

You are here now all cards in hand to wear your white sneakers properly. They really should be in a good place in your closets, because they will remove you from many moments of doubt about your shoe choice. Like derbies, they remain a safe bet and a safe haven when in doubt: it’s almost impossible to create bad taste by wearing nice white sneakers!

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