▷ Lead magnet, how to generate qualified leads?

Generating qualified contacts for a company is a key issue to best market your activity. This is one of the main goals of a website, especially in BtoB inbound marketing strategies. But what are the different lead magnets and how can you use them effectively? This is what we suggest to see in this article…

What is a lead magnet?

First of all, it is important to define what is a lead magnet? The literal translation “lead magnet” speaks for itself. This involves creating and offering (good quality) content on your website that you deliver free of charge in exchange for human contact information. It transforms the person from visitor to qualified contact in your CRM. We also often refer to “premium content” or “gated content.”

Join an inbound marketing strategy

Of course, there is no point in creating lead magnets if they are not part of the overall strategy. In this case, an inbound marketing strategy. But why is that?

Clearly define your personas

The first step is often the same. Need to know your personality. This is the case for your site, for your sales team and of course for the content you create. Therefore, it is important to remember that they are your targets before you start, because you need to remember the goal: “to generate qualified leads.” They will only become leads if you are not mistaken about the intention behind the lead magnets you offer. Before starting, you should always ask yourself the question: “Does my content reach one of my targets?” If so, go ahead, if not, change your approach.

A step-by-step approach

Inbound marketing is a step-by-step approach, four in this case. It is important to switch from one to the other only when you have reached a good maturity and put the relevant processes in place to move forward:

  • Step 1: Drive traffic to your site
  • Step 2: Convert your visitors to leads
  • Step 3: Qualify your leads
  • Step 4: Create your brand ambassadors

For your lead magnets to carry more weight in your strategy (step 2), your site must generate repeat traffic (step 1). Otherwise, no one will see the quality of your resources.

This is an important element in the content strategy. Don’t consider your resources apart from the rest of your site. Just like a product or service, your lead magnets can be promoted in a variety of ways for greater effectiveness.

Your site, the basis of work

Providing quality premium content is work that can take time and requires investment. So it’s a shame it won’t be placed properly on your site when this work is done. To avoid this, perform UX work on your site to highlight your resource pages, but to optimize your landing page as much as possible by thinking of your users at least:

  • An optimized title
  • The answer to the question “what does this content offer?”
  • An introduction
  • Elements of reinsurance
  • A contextualization: “why is this content”?

Advertising campaigns to go further

To go beyond lead generation, advertising campaigns are a lever to consider. The returns on investment are great, especially since you’re driving premium content for download and not making direct sales. But be careful with targeting, because this is the key to a successful campaign: targeting advertising networks (Google Ads, Facebook Ads or Linkedin Ads). There is no need to be everywhere, it is necessary above all that your target is where you are talking.

Specialized sites, a must have

Last stage of the rocket, specialized sites are a must have that will ensure you reach a very specific audience. The logic is quite simple, these actors have either a media site or a site dedicated to a theme and continue to work with your targets. Therefore, they have suitable SEO, database as well as qualified social accounts. So they can create fast and highly effective campaigns to get you leads. One would think for example of Livres-blancs.com or E-commerce Nation offering this kind of action.

What are the main lead magnets?

Examples of lead magnets

When talking about lead magnets, what specific deliverables come to mind? Some of these downloadable documents have become classics, but not all of them. You can also be creative and offer other lead magnets.

White papers to showcase your expertise

It is one of the most effective and user recognized premium content. A white paper allows you to deal with a topic in depth and highlights your skills and your company. The only downside, if ebooks are very effective, they are also very time consuming and require an investment of time that is not trivial. Especially because if the content is not worth it, you risk suffering in terms of image.

Models to simplify life

Another deliverable that is particularly pleasing, models are tools that can be used quickly and, again, show the understanding you have of a sector. Unlike white papers, they are more intended to provide a tool that simplifies business processes. Specifications models, e-commerce planning, letters and documents, contracts, there are all types and for all sectors of activity.

Infographics for quick and fun reading

The topic of infographics can be more confusing. As you can understand, it is a question here of simplifying the reading of a subject by suggesting an image that brings everything together. If they are very popular, they are rarely available for download (rather offered in addition to an open access article). The problem also lies in the graphic skill that often requires going outside with a link between business knowledge and the graphic designer who will translate your message. But if this does not scare you, then do not hesitate for a second, the topic will appeal to all users.

Studies and surveys to highlight a sector

Both studies and surveys will take you up a notch in terms of strategy. Here, it is rather a question of highlighting a market (or part of this market) in order to improve it. It requires the ability to offer valuable work with complete analysis. In other words, a work of titanium that, well designed, can propel you as a major player in your field. Here too, the main problem lies in the working time which is large and has to be anticipated in advance.

Comparison to show your knowledge of the sector

Comparisons are often documents that are recognized by users. They help demonstrate your expertise in all the software/companies you are comparing and demonstrate your knowledge of the market. However, you need to be careful to master the spectrum of your comparisons and be careful about updating your content, which can quickly become outdated.

Tool templates are a more specific case

More marginal, because depending on your activity sector and the possibilities, you can offer predefined templates to facilitate the use of some platforms. This skill can be found in many site builders with downloadable templates for Divi, Elementor, Shopify and other CMS. But this is also the case with other software such as the very stylish Notion templates or email templates for Sendinblue or MailChimp. If we are talking here about directly downloadable elements, you can also create templates yourself with a work process to easily set them up.

Case study, lead magnet or not?

The case of case studies is specific. Many companies consider these as deliverables which are disputed in substance. In general, it is more interesting to leave them as an element of certainty and social proof with highlights as soon as possible.

The collateral benefits of lead magnets

While the primary purpose of lead magnets is to generate qualified prospects, they also carry two collateral benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked because they can impact your results. All this, of course, if the background work is of high quality:

Brand image: First of all, every download of your document will naturally have an impact on your brand image. The deliverable is carried by your company and the brand and it shows by default the quality and expertise you have in house.

Linkbaiting: Literally “linkbaiting”, linkbaiting is a fairly simple logic. If you create quality content, you will naturally generate external links (netlinking) to your site. This defines your brand image, but also promotes your SEO.

Lead magnets, an effective strategy

As you have already understood, setting up a strategy around premium downloadable content can be very effective for generating leads for your company. However, it needs to be structured and offer quality content, otherwise it will create the opposite effect on your expectations.

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