2022 Business Trophies: here are the companies named in the “They shine” category.

The sixth edition of the Dear Creators of the Future business trophies will reveal its five winners on Thursday, November 17, at the Palais d’Auron, in Bourges, among fifteen nominees.

Tonight, co-organized by Republican Berrythe Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Cher and the Bourges Plus agglomeration community, always aims to promote companies, their success, their ability to innovate and commit, by bringing together hundreds of players economic.

Last year, the public favorite was awarded to the bar truck C’est l’occaz, created by Sébastien Cherrier.

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After the years of Covid that shut down the economy, and despite the context of great tension with inflation and energy shock, this evening is an opportunity for the actors of the territory’s economy to share their knowledge, discuss their successes and difficulties. .

This year, a new category will emerge: “They are reinventing tomorrow’s agriculture.” On November 17, the public will designate, live, by electronic vote its first winner as it selects the winners in the “They shine” and “My startup” categories.

The jury will crown two winners in the “They change” and “They engage” categories. The public will also give a favorite to the companies named, excluding the winners.

Beyond recognizing the winners, this evening will also be an opportunity to share pleasure and business over a buffet.

A great witness

We present to you, today, the three nominees in the “They Radiate” category.

The other companies and structures selected for this fifth edition in four other categories will be presented on November 8 and 15, in Berry rpublican.

New, this year, a great witness will participate in the evening: Michaël Jeremiasz. former professional wheelchair tennis player, speaker, consultant and positive impact entrepreneur. This top-level athlete with an impressive track record has won several medals at the Paralympic Games, world No. 1 in singles and doubles in 2005 and won seven Grand Slam titles in doubles, and one Grand Slam title in singles. In entrepreneurship, Michaël Jeremiasz has other hats: founder-manager of the company Alegro Consult (conferences, advice, etc.), co-founder-president of the association Comme les autres, co-founder of the social enterprise Handiamo, co -founder – director of the French Riviera Open (international wheelchair tennis tournament), co-founder-partner of the production company Les Gros Films and member of the Paris 2024 Athletes’ Commission.

Entrepreneurship is also a high-level discipline!

Shortbread Nançay (Nançay)

This family and artisanal biscuit factory created in 1953, continues to produce its products respecting the knowledge and authenticity of the original recipe. It relies on more than 350 points of sale, an enlarged boutique and a higher presence on social networks.

In 2008, the company discontinued the bakery and pastry side to devote itself to Nançay shortbread. A building dedicated to the production of shortbread was created, which made it possible to increase productivity. “Cher is already very established, it is important for us to continue to shine throughout the region,” explained the company’s management. The competition is increasing far beyond our departmental boundaries, it is up to us to stand out through our values, our knowledge and our image, in other words our strengths”.

The new Sablés de Nançay factory outlet, a tool for the development of local tourism

The biscuit factory recently joined the regional brand C du Centre. This makes it possible to identify products from the region and to stand outside the borders of Berry. In 2022, the company set up a merchant website that allowed its customers, from all over France, to get shortbread.

Date of creation: 1953. Estimated turnover for 2022: 1,050 million euros. Staff: 12. Recruitment is currently underway.

Pillivuyt (Mehun-sur-Yevre)

The porcelain manufacturer embodies discreet luxury since 1818. By developing its export strategy, while promoting ancestral know-how, Pillivuyt is turning to more premium markets and positioning itself as a defender of French savoir-vivre by being the white porcelain reference mark.

With the global overhaul of the brand image in 2021, Pillivuyt returned to its roots and offers all its distributors a brand image with clear guidelines, by providing them with media kits for one hand of marks.

The Pillivuyt factory, in Mehun-sur-Yèvre, remains a Top Chef partner

Its export volume increased from 50% to 70%, opening up new markets, particularly in the United States. The Mehun-sur-Yèvre factory has recently benefited from public assistance to modernize its production equipment: a baking oven, an isostatic press and a robot for placing decorative nets. “Pillivuyt is above all a story of women and men, who defend and preserve the French way of life”, insists the company’s management.

Date of creation: 1818. Estimated turnover: 12.8 million euros in 2022. Work force: 170 employees.

Hefed (The Subdray)

Distributor of kitchen appliances and equipment for professionals and individuals, producer of spices and personalized packaging, the parent company of La Bovida has inaugurated a new logistics site in Subdray that will allow it to bring itself to the level of the main logisticians and e. -heavy commerce.

This fully automated 23-meter high-rise building will be fully operational in 2023. For this 5,700 m² of additional storage space, the process will be modernized, automated and digitized (part of the storage therefore is sticking to the traditional method).

premium On the Subdray site, the Hefed group thinks highly of La Bovida

A century-old family business, La Bovida distributes packaging, kitchen materials and equipment and creates spice-based recipes for all local food businesses (butchers, delicatessens, fishmongers, caterers, etc. ) from France through a network of sales representatives and on the web. The group also relies on a network of twenty-two TOC (Obsessive Culinary Disorder) stores and its website for individuals.

Date of creation: 2004 (at Subdray), 1921 (La Courneuve). Turnover: 100 million euros in 2022. Workforce: 480 employees.

Registrations. Registration for the evening is free and open at this address: https://meeting.gayakoa.com/TDE-18-2022. The night can be followed remotely on the platform. And votes will be available online.

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