9 Devices That Apple Should Build and Release

Apple, with its highly inked brand image, became known in 1977 with its Apple II, modernized a few years later with the Macintosh.

Because of the dazzling success it experienced, with the success of its first computers, smartphones and audio devices, the company never stops evolving, innovating and diversifying. However, there are still some missing from its official catalog that we’d love to see released one day.

In fact, apart from its iPhone, iPod, Mac, MacBook, iPad, AirPods, Apple Watch, there are other products that we think would be great additions.

An iPhone for gamers

In September 2022, 15 years after the release of Apple’s first smartphone, the brand presented its 14th generation iPhone.

Over the years, it goes without saying that they have changed, from small screens to 6.7 inches in size, with different versions (S, Plus, Pro…) and designs (with or without a notch , button of reception…).

In general, each model created by the brand offers more advanced features. They are excellent devices for taking calls and browsing the Internet, taking pictures, recording videos. Some professionals find it handy to work on the go, for simple office tasks or photo editing.

However, there’s one area where Apple hasn’t expanded, and we wonder why: gaming.

Although its App Store is filled with thousands of games, and its iPhones boast high-end frame rates and exceptional performance thanks to their Bionic chip. However, there is no iteration specially designed for hardcore gamers with a more powerful battery, a frame rate higher than 120Hz, a more generous RAM and a cooling system.

It is very unfortunate that Apple has neglected this niche as its Android competitors do not hesitate to grab and flood this emerging sector…

A foldable iPhone

With the release of Samsung, Huawei, Motorola and Xiaomi clamshell smartphones, we would love to see such a product launched at Apple.

But, according to rumors, although it fell behind the competition, the company seems to be interested in this market.

However, he is also known to take his time; it probably keeps a close eye on what’s being done on Android in order to offer quality and fully successful products. It’s out of the question for Apple to market a smartphone that requires a high-end screen and a hinge strong enough to withstand the many bends it will be subjected to. Finally, Apple should follow the design of its identity to which its users are accustomed, no margin of error can be considered in view of the competition.

AR glasses

Faced with brands like Microsoft, Meta or Sony, we still wonder why Apple has not released virtual reality glasses or headphones, which are so popular with the (gamer) public.

The video game box wasn’t really integrated with Apple, which is probably why it hasn’t looked into the subject much before. However, like the foldable iPhone, rumors say that an AR device is in the pipeline at Apple Park and it will be a Meta Quest 2-like headset.

Two years ago, to stand out from its competitors, Apple also thought of a design closer to classic glasses than a mask. In a somewhat futuristic imagination, they will have the LiDAR sensor found in the latest generation iPhones. They also work as an accessory, in duo with Apple smartphones. The goal? See your iPhone information right before your eyes.

A 2-in-1 MacBook

A few years ago, rumors talked about a patent filed by Apple for a hinge system for MacBooks.

So we can imagine that the company is planning to create a device that is both a computer and a tablet, as Microsoft offers with its Surface Pro.

On the other hand, it seems that the idea has been temporarily put aside, hoping that it is not an abandonment, because a MacBook with a touch screen and that can be folded for tablet use is an interesting concept on paper.

The company is afraid of the lack of interest in the iPad Pro or MacBook Air / Pro, but why limit itself and not offer everything to its fans? Especially because of the rising price of the iPad Pro 2022.

A hybrid helmet

Apple began venturing into the audio realm with the release of its first iPod in 2001. A staple product for years, it was slowly replaced by iPhones and music streaming services.

Then, 100% wireless headphones developed, starting with AirPods in 2016, followed by the Pro iteration, updates and the release of high-end headphones called AirPods Max in 2020. .

Therefore, it would be wise for the Apple brand to offer a hybrid headset, which can connect to the iPhone via Bluetooth but is also wired. In fact, the problem we often encounter with wireless headphones or headsets is the lack of autonomy, so having a hybrid model will avoid many disappointments. In addition, removing the jack, after (forced) switching from Lightning to USB-C will compensate for the lack of ports, in case the only one is busy charging your device. Not to mention that a helmet of this type would be welcome to use on a MacBook for example.

An Apple Watch for kids

Technology is an important part of young people’s lives. Apart from smartphones, computers or even game consoles, some are eager to have a connected watch. But what interest is there for them you may ask yourself?

Some include games, photo sensors, slightly more advanced features for budding geeks, and something to attract other cherubs.

Also, with growing bodies it is good to monitor their physical condition. This can encourage them to adopt good habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle, and help them take responsibility, gain independence, all while enjoying challenges with their loved ones.

This type of device is also a good alternative to the smartphone because it allows anxious parents to stay in communication at all times and know the position of their protected thanks to GPS.

Apple offers several models of smartwatches aimed at adults, and none suitable for young wrists, which is a shame… Especially when you consider that Fitbit (Google) is already in the field it’s with the Ace 3, however. nothing lost Apple will still find a place and why not develop a connected bracelet for the kids to start with.

Children’s headphones and earphones

Of all Apple’s audio devices, none are designed for young ears, both because of their design and the power to harm their hearing in the long run. Apple can tap into the younger market by manufacturing, like JBL, classic, colorful and customizable headphones/earphones without damaging their young eardrums. So they can use them on their iPad or iPhone.

Fancy products

An iPhone for kids

In the Apple market, there are iPhones more or less suitable for children, such as the SE, which have a very good price/quality ratio and include enough features for simple use.

As parents, you’ll have access to all Apple services, parental controls on Screen Time, Find My and Family Sharing.

However, although this seems like a good compromise, it would be interesting for the American company to design a smartphone that is less powerful, enough for a child, and more secure once in the hands of your cherub.

They will only need a modest device to watch videos, play games or even learn with educational applications. So why not market a model without cellular connectivity, for example? So parent and child will share both iOS and cloud backup systems for family photos.

If not, why not make an offer an iPad in iPhone XR colors? This solution can be a good compromise between children and parents.

A DSLR camera

It’s no secret that Apple excels in the field of photography, as we see in its iPhones equipped with better sensors every year.

So the question we can ask ourselves is why doesn’t the brand sell a digital camera?

In fact, nothing prevents the brand from integrating all the advanced technologies (Pro photo system, Telephoto lens, Optical zoom, Adaptive True Tone Flash, Photonic Engine, Deep Fusion…), already found in smartphones its, in a device specially and designed only for photography.

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