and you, how is your sleep?

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From different backgrounds, the witnesses of “La Semaine” tell you about their nights that are not alike. Pillow confidences, where you don’t always sleep like a (beautiful) 2-year-old baby.

“I don’t want this to happen again”

Now a temporary employee, Eric set only one condition: no night work. Photo Week

Former forklift driver for a beverage distributor, this 55-year-old Messin for 30 years set the alarm clock at 4 am A torture.

Sleep is waking up. The wound. In his case, it was more. Set at 4 am, thirty years during the ringing “crossed his head”. A torpedo. “You are out of time”, recalls Éric Beier, a former driver from Metz who is almost 55 years old, rocked by the pendulum of “two-eights” for most of his professional career, in the service of a major distributor of drink. of the sector. He remembers the double security system he activated: on one side the radio alarm clock, on the other the telephone alarm. “And you’re playing with the snooze button. Three minutes won, you feel three hours. The guy who invented the snooze, he deserves a medal. »

He says you lose gum there, by abandoning the pillow while others are crushing it. That he wouldn’t last a lifetime at this rate. “The “old” in the profession, I asked them: “But how do you do it?”. Answer: “We go to bed at 8 pm.” I tried once. A quarter of an hour later, I got up. So the “night owl” that he would sleep between eleven o’clock at night and midnight, low range. Four hours of sleep at the buffet, in the end. Not enough. “The first few times, you fight. You finish at 1 pm and everything is fine. » Then… « After ten to fifteen years, I just thought about taking a siesta. The little benefit left, really. “Two hours, you’ll really sleep. But it’s not real sleep. When you wake up you are even more tired. Everything is a mess. »

Drugs and Red Bull

He saw them, his comrades in the galley, “literally broken”. To provide the change, some are boosted with “synthetic or natural drugs”. Behind the camera. Its hell. “One was going around fifteen cans of Red Bull a day. “4 am, unnatural,” Eric repeated. No more than wanting to “eat beef at 9 am”. Everything was a mess, ” social life takes a hit”. It’s like married life. With the damage one imagines.

A year and a half ago, Éric found himself at Pôle Emploi. Now, he is a temporary worker. Carefully, he immediately revealed the color: no night work, no weekends spent on deck. “I don’t want that to happen again. “Question of safety. Delivery driver for a few weeks for a brand in downtown Metz, he goes to work every day “whistle”, beret screwed on his head, happy with his luck. To hire at 8 am, Eric let go of the duvet at 7 am In his measure: a sleepover.

Dodo, child do

Photo Week

Sleep like a baby. All parents know that this expression is not always well located. And the children, what do they think? “Testimony” of a two-year-old girl.

“7:20 am, this Wednesday, October 26. I opened my eyes, silent. A first little grunt to let my parents know I was awake, a second then a third, a little louder. Then, I heard the floor creak. They are awake. I knew they were coming so I’m still enjoying it a bit. I play with my comforters, my lollipops. The door opened, I sat up, then I lay back on the bed saying I wanted to sleep. Joke huh! The bottle, my new doll, my books, the nursery: I can’t wait to find it all, to take off my pajamas to run into this new day. Yesterday I became two. For three months I slept through the night. A good eleven o’clock at night. I used to always have a snack between 3 am and 5 am. Or maybe need to know mom is there, and she’ll come over and give me a little hug. Well, since bibi was there, everything was hot, I took it out, as needed… It’s not good to waste. As I get older, I sleep better at night and mom seems to be happy. When I was born, there was so much to see and do that I didn’t want to sleep. 45 minutes here, another 45 there and then roll. I slept soundly in my parents’ arms, in the scarves they tied around their bodies. Too good that, the impression of being still a little in the belly of my mom. Especially at night, dizzy walking and the songs I know by heart now… Now, it’s all over. Dodo single foot. »

“Sleep? It’s just a waste of time”

For Philippe Buron-Pilâtre, the siesta is necessary. Picture DR

Philippe Buron-Pilâtre leads the largest gathering of hot air balloons in the world. A period where he had little sleep. Over the years, he learned to tame this crazy rhythm.

Every two years, his life enters a very special bracket. Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons (Gemab) is his baby, that’s him. The world’s largest gathering of hot air balloons is a big thing to organize before and during the ten-day event. Philippe Buron-Pilâtre crosses it sleeping a little. “I adapt my speed to the event,” he summed up. His rhythm which, at normal times, does not allow much time for sleep. On average six hours per night, from midnight to 6 am, and one obligation: nap before noon or after 2 pm, maximum 1 hour. “Otherwise, I can’t. I found a balance like that. »

During Gemab’s time, this organization underwent a great upheaval. Nights are reduced to three hours between 1 am and 4 am The siesta exists only in a fragmented way. Five minutes here, five there. As soon as the opportunity arises, you need to sleep. When the fatigue is unbearable. “We recover well with a sleep of five minutes”, book Philippe Buron-Pilâtre. “To hold on, you have to drink Guronsan, vitamin C.” And when will the event end? “We are falling apart. It takes months for the body and mind to recover from this insane pace. That we can only maintain by already having a specific sleeping relationship. “I always thought it was a waste of time … But it allows you to dream. And I often go to sleep at night thinking that I have a problem to solve. I know that when I wake up in the morning, I will have a solution “, writes Philippe Buron-Pilâtre who waits to be completely stunned by sleep before falling asleep and admits that, as time goes by, waking up is more and more complicated. “Coffee and toast are necessary. Without it, I can do nothing. Afterwards, I feel ready for the day. In the summer of 2024, Gemab will experience a new edition. Balloons in the sky and sleepless nights.

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