Clippers – Pelicans notes: oh what a flow Paul George is

The NBA season is made up of games, people watching them and talking about them, but also people watching them and rating them. Likely revenge after spending a youth collecting zeros, and a perfect opportunity in any case to drop the punchline by the kilo. Once again this season, Team Notes will delight you with its relentless imagination, while still trying to talk a little about basketball. chick?

It’s the return of the most horrific Sunday afternoon games from the Clippers, who obviously had to be deeply comatose the day after the murge to pull off a tasteless performance, without Kawhi Leonard, who ” out” from birth. The Pelicans, however lost Dyson Daniels and Brandon Ingram vacuum cleaner, relied on 129,000 grams of Zion Williamson to tip the scales (yes, you have it) and easily won then they were not flamboyant either. John Wall wasn’t great, Nicolas Batum struggled offensively but was good defensively, Jonas Valanciunas got the job done and Garrett Temple missed everything. Of course you wish 2013 from us, we will all notice ugly beautiful world

#Los Angeles Clippers

Ivica Zubac (4): “And this is Zubac cafew, cafew carnival”, this sentence is outdated, like Ivica Zubac in other words.

Marcus Morris Sr. (5.5): one of the only survivors of this dirty mealtime fight, and if Nikola Jokic can reconnect the good wires to the good grip?

Paul George (3): My God… a very disgusting fight from PG13, which at one time, is better off banned for children as its nickname suggests. Paul George’s Sunday TTFL carrot, a longer tradition than the French baguette. We do know, however, that men with first names as last names are dangerous types…

Terence Mann (5): he doesn’t have a bad game, but he’s not unique either. A fight generally has no relief. Are you dead? Yes Mann.

Reggie Jackson (4): if Reggie Jackson plays with goggles, it’s not because he’s a Bobby Shmurda lookalike who wants to go incognito, and even less to see better, but because he thinks he’s under construction site to ship such 3-point anvils.

Nicholas Batum (5): even though he lived through a complicated attacking game, seeing only a few of his shots go into the net, he still made life more complicated for Zion Williamson. Without him, the Sailboats would probably have drifted towards the Bermuda Triangle.

Norman Powell (6.5): a first half in Norman Normal mode, and a second half in Asafa Powell mode to try to carry the Clippers. He was his team’s main offensive force tonight, but he ended up with his head in the towel. A Sunday like any other in short.

John Wall (3.5): a very difficult fight for Jean Mur, who won, we remember, even more than 40 million not long ago. John Wall is a truffle pizza, it’s expensive, it’s not even considered good by everyone, and frankly, it’s old.

Luke Kennard (5): Lucky Luke Kennard, the man who bricks faster than his shadow. It’s not even bad, it’s just for the sake of it.

Amir Coffey (5): Meo surpasses Amir Coffey? A tense man is fighting because he is trying to quit smoking, and for a long time now it has been said that coffee-cigarette breath is the worst in the world.

Brandon Boston Jr. (5.5): sure, he puts up two winning shots when it doesn’t count, but why is Boston written on his shirt when he plays in Los Angeles?

Moses Brown (5): the same line of statistics as Moussa Diabaté, meaning… nothing

Moussa Diabate (5): 4 minutes and 31 seconds of cardio, Moussa Diabetes.

# New Orleans Pelicans

Jonas Valanciunas (5.5): not his best career game but not a scam either. On the other hand, he probably got ripped off by a hairdresser with a blue, white and red sign at the entrance, who uses Louis Vuitton clippers and has to ask him for 40 euros.

Zion Williamson (7.5): the Flamingos’ towering winger has been the team’s leader in Brandon Ingram’s absence. Already content with Batman, he still ended up measuring up in this fight. Rather than Thanos than Philippe Etchebest is still the same despite his stature.

Trey Murphy III (6): never lost confidence in his shot, even when it didn’t fit, and he only got better as the game went on. Yesterday he had DM Maïté, tonight he will try again with Kylie Jenner.

Naji Marshall (6.5): he struggled to get back into his game by missing a few shots, but he finally got his rock into the Pels building.

CJ McCollum (7): complex shots, relay points from Zion and a quiet game that commands respect. CJ took control of Grove Street and smoking Los Santos Ballas with his Tec9 driving his Greenwood.

Jose Alvarado (4.5): in fact, we realize that José Alvarado is the uninhibited weasel on his back, he is a man straddling the braided Rn’B singer and the man in white and baggy tank tops on a lowrider bike.

Larry Nance Jr. (6.5): a very clean relay match by Lithuanian Jonas Valanciunas. His headband seems to have made him a tourniquet at the level of the skull but we can say that it perfectly contributed to the irrigation of the brain. Junior is proud of Senior tonight.

Devonte Graham (5.5): Generally correct and complete match, where his main fact of the game is swinging a 3-point shot with a board as improbable as the apostrophe in his first name.

Garrett Temple (4): the Temple keeper didn’t save much today, 3 minutes and one shot attempt, with the rest of his stat line as empty as Jaxson Hayes’ brain.

Jason Hayes (5): the misspelling of his first name suggests a refresher game for Hayes, but his contribution in reduced playing time is significant for the Pels. Better than Killian?

Dereon Seabron (5): we had to joke but the editor has a train to catch.

Two and two become four, yellow and blue become green, water boils at 100°C and the Clippers are infamous every Sunday on the national airwaves. It was enough for the Pelicans to get a very simple win, and we will meet again next week for the Cavs – Lakers notes at 9:30 pm, we should still laugh.

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