Domestic violence: “I’m going to kick your mother, your bloody, lifeless mother”

A father appears before 12e Créteil court chamber on June 10, 2022 for repeated death threats against his ex-husband and his ex-mother-in-law in front of his ten-year-old daughter. How will the court assess its dangerousness?

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“I will gamble with your mother, I will suck your mother, your mother who is bloody, lifeless, you and your dirty Algerian” This is only part of the threats that Ahmed answered on the phone to Élodie, his ex – woman. In principle, he had no right to talk to her; he has been sentenced to a contact ban for less than a year, due to death threats. But he has permission to talk to their 10-year-old daughter, Lena.

“There will be a tragedy”

A father and son talk on the phone on June 6, 2022. The conversation turns sour when the little boy tells his father he’s invited to a friend’s birthday party. “Who will have? Ahmad asked. Léna gives the first name of several children. “Are there boys? the father’s reaction. You’re not going. A girl shouldn’t go to a birthday party with boys.” When he explained that his mother and his grandmother had said yes, Ahmed seeing red, vociferates: “They will go to the news, there will be a drama! The mother picked up the phone and received another threat. The next day, she filed a complaint for the second time.

The police questioned the boy. “I would like to talk to him, but when I call once, he calls back. And he was “yelling at her” on the phone. In a video he sent her, he announced that he was going to kill his grandmother.

Threats to scare

In the defendant’s box, Ahmed struggles to hold back his anger. Black hair, black beard, black eyes, tall and short, he looks down on the court and the public.

“— The relationship with my son is not easy because his mother and grandmother are interfering. I was really angry with his mother. I insulted him, but I didn’t threaten him. They have been victimized for ten years. If something happened in ten years, it happened.

“The purpose of death threats is to scare people. They are scared.

“That’s not my goal.”

His record is full of incidents: outrage, breakdown ten years ago, driving without a license last year. And in September 2022 therefore, 10 months with a probationary suspension of two years for threats to Élodie. Psychiatric assessment did not reveal any cognitive impairment. He works as a caretaker in a retirement home.

“Why were you given compulsory care, sir?

– I do not know. Because I was violent on that one. I saw a psychiatrist several times, once a month. He asked me if everything was fine.

“Have you been committed to a psychiatric hospital?”

— Yes, a month. Nothing was diagnosed, I was not given treatment”.

The lawyer for the civil parties says little about the child’s life. “He’s sad when he doesn’t talk to his dad and he’s sad when he talks to him.” He was afraid of threats. “I don’t know what he can do. There should be no drama. »


The prosecutor insisted. “He can’t hear some things. The sanction, he has nothing to do. Only himself is important. He continues his behavior. But not a day goes by without spousal homicide in the newspapers…” In conclusion, a strong which is a ten-month request, revocation of the previously suspended sentence, warrant of arrest, prohibition of contact with mother and grandmother for three years. .

“Yes, he is a borderline personality, admitted the defendant’s lawyer. He has psychiatric pathology, behavioral difficulties, frustration management. But there is an equal emotional bond with Léna. With the threats, the lawyer does not believe in taking action and suggests a sentence adjustment to allow his client to keep his job.

Parole day

Locked in his box, locked in himself, Ahmed adds nothing, no reason. The court sentenced him to eight months with a warrant of committal and revocation of the previous reprieve. A sentencing judge will impose a one-day parole sentence so he can continue to work. Or how to limit the risks of action without exclusion.

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