How to prepare for the arrival of the baby?

vsIt is no secret that the arrival of a child shakes up economic habits. Prenatal shopping is a huge budget, and the regular spending will continue once the baby arrives. The French spent an average of €16,000 in the first three years alone.

As parents, it’s sometimes hard to step back and put some acquisitions in the background, because they all seem absolutely necessary for a child’s happiness and well-being. Here is an article to see more clearly and better manage the arrival of the baby.

Birth list and baby savings plan

To plan your budget as much as possible, it is recommended to draw a list of all the necessary purchases to be made for the arrival of your child. This list is not trivial, because by consulting it for a long time, you will be able to refine it to the essentials. Many parents-to-be make the mistake of buying too much, or buying things that won’t be useful for a few months or even a year, and could have been saved in the end by other solutions.

Once you have this list under your eyes, you will also more easily see the breakdown of your budget: what you can afford, what you should buy new, what you can buy second-hand, if what you should get from the beginning. birth and what can wait a little, etc. With this great overview, you can quantify your needs and calculate how much you need to save between now and birth; your baby savings plan.

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Buy and sell second hand

Second hand sometimes scares some people, but it is one of the most economical solutions. Of course, there are some purchases where new is important, we think in particular the mattress or the car seat. But newborns grow very fast and their needs change at the same speed. A baby’s wardrobe changes an average of 5 times in its first year alone. Second-hand clothes are between 50 and 90% cheaper than new. Toys are also a big budget, saved up and spent too. For some toys, second-hand is also a good option. There are also applications for renting and rolling toys to ensure the awakening and entertainment of the baby at a lower cost. Finally, second-hand furniture is not only economical and ecological, but it is also better for the health of the baby, because the treatments and chemicals have had time to evaporate. A more than useful solution that helps reduce costs for the newborn room.

And if you really don’t want to buy second-hand, you can always sell second-hand, and recover some of your budget which will be more than welcome in the years to come.

Buy reusable

Diapers and wipes represent a very large portion of recurring expenses for babies. Reusable ones cost 2 to 3 times less than disposable diapers and wipes. In addition, diapers, and especially wipes, sometimes with compositions that are far from commendable, reusable offer a more ecological and better solution for babies who are always in contact -relation to these products. You still have to consider the higher initial investment and the cost of washing.

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Beware of bad influences

When it comes to the future baby, everyone has something to say. The entourage, doctors, influencers, advertising, forums, … There is no shortage of advisors. Being a marketer, we quickly fall into the infernal loop of “just in case”, “you never know” purchases. These purchases end up weighing on your budget, all the more reason to stay on your birth list. A pleasure budget can be set, but make sure your purchase is truly a pleasure purchase and not an anxiety created by others. In general, take the time to think before any unexpected purchase, in most cases you will realize that you don’t think about it anymore after a few days and that you did well not to give up. Finally, if the anxiety of forgetting some important things is too strong, do not forget that you can always make the necessary purchases as the needs become clearer and your baby needs you more than anything, more than the material .

Child care scholarships, sales, promotions in the baby department

No small savings, and if you’re wary of second-hand online, it can be a good alternative. Stroller, toys, sleeping bag, night light, bathtub; Childcare scholarships are Alibaba’s baby caves. Sales question, feel free to buy batches, often cheaper, even if it means storage, we think especially about diapers, soap and shampoo, mineral water, etc. Speaking of stock, remember not to buy too many newborn clothes, not only that the baby will not be too big, and otherwise they will only be useful for two to three weeks.

Finally, don’t hesitate to ask your pharmacy or your favorite major retailer, sometimes baby kits or discount vouchers are offered to help you prepare for your little one’s arrival. It’s free to ask.

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