“It’s amazing to see my mother!”

Her heart merged with the memory of her only son but her arms were empty of him, Linda de Suza was suffering from a serious lung disease whose only backdrop was the frozen shore of her room in hospital. In the face of her suffering, her son João, 54, agreed to see her again after years of misunderstanding. He exclusively confessed to Sunday of France

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France Sunday: How is your mom?

João Lanca: It was a shock, a heartbreak. I have to show nothing and be strong in front of him. He was very weak and thin. He was a heavy smoker, and his lung infection worsened when he stopped eating and allowed himself to run out.

FD: are you optimistic about his recovery?

JL: He agreed to feed himself again. I have hope that he is on the road to recovery and that he can go to a convalescent home. From Lisbon where I live, I always hear from him.

FD: When was the last time you saw him?

JL: Since 2014. He took my hand, squeezed it. We were touched. We want this reunion. It seems like yesterday…

FD: Your relationships are often stormy…

JL:My mother is very possessive, exclusive and jealous. He has a difficult character. He did not support my falling in love with the mother of my children, Sonia, whom I met very young when she was ten years older than me. But you didn’t bring a child into the world for yourself, you have to accept that it flies on its own.

FD: You have two children, Michaël, 30, and Gabrielle, 34. What kind of grandmother is she?

JL: He is absent. They have no memories with their grandmother. There are only missed appointments. However, it was not for the lack of having tried to create some when he came to Lisbon, where I left in 1996. his son, all the same!

FD: What kind of mother is she?

JL: I had love, but she was a better friend than a mother. I don’t pass judgment. This is an observation. I don’t think he had a manual in his youth. I have happy memories with him. Then from age 11 to 16, he was always on the go and I was left alone with my dogs. He is very carefree. I was not sad but, in retrospect, one suffers more from one’s childhood as an adult.

FD: You are a composer and performer. Your mother gave you your first piano when you were 14…

JL: It’s amazing! A wonderful gift. I am always composing here, and often with tears in my eyes.

FD: You even did the early parts of her…

JL: Hiding from my mother, I composed myself. I showed my first compositions to Jean Musy, its composer and arranger. He chose four with the approval of my mother, who discovered that I was the composer. Jean Musy came up with the idea of ​​the duo tell me why with my mother. This got us started and allowed us to tour together. Then I made titles for myself.

FD: How do you view the singer’s career?

JL: He had a wonderful career, but I think at some point he forgot the Portuguese community. He should have made an album in Portuguese with the Lisbon Philharmonic Orchestra. When he became too sophisticated, dressed by Pierre Cardin, in the album appointment, he distanced himself from the public. He became too much of a star and sold fewer albums. We must not forget our origins.

FD: This is also the spirit of the album in Portuguese and French, The color of my soulthat you came out…

JL: My roots are always calling me. This is my DNA, it runs through my veins, even though I love France and have lived there for a long time. Let’s not forget where we came from.

FD: On this record, you unashamedly open up…

JL: This album defines me. This is a personal and family project. My son made a title, I do a duet with my daughter and we hear my wife, my pillar. A real mom for once! There is a tribute, thanks to the pen of Frédéric Zeitoun, to my father who took the place of my absent father, and to my great-grandmother.

FD: You will perform in Bobino on November 9, accompanied by Portuguese-speaking artists, including Micaela and Valdemar…

JL: This concert would not have taken place without the support of my patron, Valdemar Francisco, a businessman who was very active in the task of taking care of the living conditions of the Portuguese when they arrived in France. There will be my songs, Portuguese guest artists and a title in honor of my mother.

FD: Does being Linda de Suza’s daughter burden you?

JL: Our story is quite similar to the Delons. It is not a long calm river. I want to have the opposite with my children. I was never an opportunist and would never want to live in his situation. However, I was denied the right to exist alone. They deny who I am and my artistic identity. Sometimes, in social networks, it is violent! I have not taken back a title from my mother, or her name. My name is that of my paternal grandfather. At 54, I believe in myself more…

The Scrapbook A cor da minha alma (the color of my soul) is in Païs Real.

João Lança will be in concert in Bobino on November 9th.


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