My mother | The rebirth of Chantal Fontaine

After a brief foray into animation, Chantal Fontaine rediscovered her first love: acting. This fall, he appears in not one, not two, not three, but four TV series. The smile on her lips, the sparkling eyes, the actress seemed fulfilled. “I had to happy. I really have a lot happy. »

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Marc-Andre Lemieux

Marc-Andre Lemieux
The Press

We can’t talk about the return to the game for Chantal Fontaine, because since she debuted The gold of time, in 1990, he never really left the screen. However, we can talk about an increase… and even a rebirth.

Because five years ago, no one suggested a boom both. Then Virginia, his services were primarily retained as a facilitator. From 2010 to 2015, on the sidelines of the soap opera Maskhe found himself at the helm of four different shows: Over the market, Delivery of artists, The leaders! and Dare to live a new life.

“I wanted to make money, and that’s what I was offered,” he said in an interview. The fact that I’m a restaurateur probably sends the message that I don’t have time to play. And I played the same character for 12 years. »

However, Chantal Fontaine is now happy to know, at the age of 57, a new peak. This season, more than a million viewers find him every week The breakaway, in the uniform of Gisèle Bayeur, a tireless police lieutenant from Sainte-Alice. She also defended the role of Jeannine, well-tanned wife of the boss of Sainte-Foy, in That’s how much I love youand Monique, a widow in loveA family bond.


Chantal Fontaine in The breakaway

In a week, the public will (re)discover it My mothera new offering from writer-producer duo Anne Boyer and Michel D’Astous (The blue Hour, The man who loved too much). In this six-episode miniseries directed by François Bouvier (Breakups, The Bolduc), Chantal Fontaine portrays Chantal Bélanger, a woman who regains her freedom after an eight-month stay in prison where she was diagnosed with bipolarity. His exit leaves many wounds and worries his three children, Justine (Rachel Graton), Éric (Steve Gagnon) and Valérie (Marilyn Castonguay), whom he has neglected for a long time. As his character says, “everything rolls square”.

She is a reconstruction woman. It was difficult, but he persevered. Even though the floor was open beneath him, he held on. Something is clear there.

Chantal Fontaine about her role in My mother

Like a bowling ball

By her own admission, Chantal Fontaine knew nothing about bipolar disorder before embarking on the adventure My mother. In preparation, he said he talked to a lot of people, read a lot of articles and watched a lot of YouTube videos. He left the set with “a lot, a lot of empathy” for all those who suffer from mental illness, and their loved ones.


Chantal Fontaine in My mother

“When I was studying my lyrics, sometimes I would stop and be like, ‘Poor girl! God, that’s hard to live with.’ Because I, Chantal Fontaine, 57, what I have built around me, my children, my family, is a point of pride. It is a clan. It is my nest, my refuge. It represents in so many things… But for my character, his nest is a big empty one. Because every time he does something, then he sends a bowling ball that destroys everything. »

Mental illness is very debilitating. People around are giving up because they can’t take it anymore.

Chantal Fontaine

My mother has some emotional scenes. In particular, we think of the particularly intense argument between Chantal and her eldest in the second episode, when the latter discovers his many mistakes in the past.

The actress is very happy to bite into such dense scenes. After 30 years of racing, he is ready to face this huge challenge. He also saluted the authors for writing a series that revolved around a female character close to sixty.

“TV should represent the society we live in. It would be foolish to exclude these generations. At 57, I’m not old. I feel like a child. Women my age who play a very important role in our society, I know a lot of them! And now, when you’re 60, you’re not done. You still have cristi de boutte to do! »

A strong impression

In his performance at My motherIt is clear that Chantal Fontaine left a strong impression on her surroundings, because during our interview, which was conducted after the press screening of the first episodes, five members of the film crew came to interrupt us to praise her.

The actress looks forward to many more rich and complex roles like the ones she plays this fall. What he’s championing in an ultra-secret project currently being filmed is part of this line, he says.

“Jeannine [dans C’est comme ça que je t’aime] was a game changer for me. He came to say: Chantal can play anything. I have already confessed to the director Jean-François Rivard that I would love to play a straight, headstrong, contemporary woman, but I want to play a complete pervert. When he called me to offer me Jeannine, he said to me: “Here! There, you’re crooked! Be happy !” »


Chantal Fontaine in That’s how much I love you

Happiness, Chantal Fontaine hopes to have a few more years. “When I look at Béatrice Picard, I’m like: that’s what I want to do, play at 90. If I still have the head to learn texts, why not? »

VAT will be displayed My mother from Tuesday, November 8 at 8 pm

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