Near Fougères, after the death of his cat, he called for the identification of animals

Simba, a 15-month-old Birman, was knocked down on October 11 in Saint-Georges (© Photo DR).

His name is Simba. This kitten Sacred of Burma of 15 months “was hit by a car in front of our gate”, reports Anna, his owner. This resident of Saint-Georges-de-Chesnewho also owned a Chihuahua, was devastated.

My pets are part of the family. My dog ​​is on all fours, she doesn’t have a boyfriend anymore.

The circumstances of Simba’s death made him sad. Tuesday, October 11, the retiree received someone at his house in the early morning. “The cat came to the veranda and relieved itself, this was the last moment we saw it,” said Anna. Later, “we found out that our cat was missing. We started looking for him. He never spent the day or night outside. It is more caulked at the level of the veranda in his little comfort.

The search continued for the next few days in town and countryside. Returned from Paris Thursday evening, Anna’s husband called the veterinarian, who told him that the cat, which had been identified and had a microchip, did not appear among the missing animals.

The couple also notified the town hall and a missing message was posted on the site of Banks of Couesnon saturday morning On Saturday afternoon, a neighbor came to see the inhabitants, telling them:

Tuesday afternoon, I came home at 3:30 pm and saw the municipal employee picking up a cat from the street next to your house. I saw the little red flea collar.

The following Monday, the couple continued their search at the town hall and left a poster on Wednesday morning at the trade of Saint-Georges. It wasn’t until the following Saturday that the news came out. The retiree learned that the town refrigerator where the dead animals were stored was empty on Wednesday, its contents were placed in the dumpster and the rendering took place on Thursday.

“Competition of events”

What angered the resident was that Simba was not recognized when he was picked up.

On the SPA website, it is clearly stated that a pet found lost or dead must be identified. The mayors are responsible for identifying the animals either with a microchip reader (basic cost €36) or by taking the animals to the appropriate areas so they can be identified.

For Joseph Erard, deputy mayor of Saint-Georges-de-Chesne :

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In my opinion, no sin was committed. The officers did their job well.

He explained that the municipality of Banks of Couesnon has two freezers, one for Saint-Georges/Vendel, one for Saint-Marc/Saint-Jean, “to store animals found on the road and also available to hunters when they kill game that must hide to be recovered by rendering.”.

What does the law say?

The Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) recalls that “the law defines identification as mandatory for domestic carnivores. Dogs, cats and ferrets must be identified by a microchip under the skin the size of of a grain of rice or a tattoo on the ear or inside the thigh. Their information as well as that of their owner will be kept in the national I-Cad file. If someone finds a dead pet? “You should contact the town hall of the place where you found the animal. The competent municipal services will be responsible for recovering the body and finding the owners to warn them”. within twelve hours after its discovery, the mayor of the municipality where the corpse is located notifies the contract holder in charge of the collection and invites him to proceed with the removal of the corpse within two clear days”.

For the chosen one, “it is a combination of circumstances. The freezer must be full. When this is the case, we notify the rendering department, who asks us to release the dumpster. They pass and this is after the agent learns that the cat is wanted. We cannot blame our agents for not having information. It’s not their job either. The agent did his job, he picked up the dead animal from the public road and dropped it in the storage. If now, it will probably take a month before the bin is empty and the lady gets her animal back. The rendering came at the wrong time to recover the animal”.

A chip reader request

Joseph Erard also assured that “the municipality has no obligation to have a chip reader”. if Banks of Couesnon has an agreement with Fougères agglo to recover live animals, “for now, a communal Life service tells us that we have no obligation to find the identity of dead animals”.

The deputy mayor added that a “new procedure” was put in place this summer. Municipal agents who find a dead animal under 40 kg have the option of calling Sacpa (assistance company for animal population control) to come and collect the body.

For his part, David Lebouvier, mayor of Banks of Couesnon, sent a message to the resident of Saint-Georges. He pointed out that he had done, by conglomeration ferns“a request for a chip reader to facilitate the process”.

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