Soccer – French Cup. As last year, the women of Alençon reached the first federal round

Against Rouen, Mélissa Renard completed a complete match, especially allowing her team to open the scoring. ©L’Orne Hebdo

“It was a wonderful weekend for US Alençon,” said Jérémie Monnier, one of the two coaches of the prefectural club’s women’s team.

After the victory achieved the previous day against Le Havre by their male counterparts, ensuring that they will enter the eighth round of the Coupe de France, the players of Alencon also have proved their presence in the next round of the event by logically winning against Rouen Plateau Est (4-1), Sunday, October 30, in front of their home. Like last season, they will participate in the first federal round of the competition.

A complex first act

A worthy qualification but earned in a way contrasting regarding the physiognomy of the meeting. “A first period where we play with fear in our stomachs, with fear of doing something wrong,” lamented the Ornais coach.

“We cannot speed up our offensive movements. We have a chance to open the scoring and we are doing it. Defensively, we are in place. Then, we get a gag goal. The only downside of this meeting. »

Jérémie Monnier, co-coach of US Alençon

If Vertes quickly got back into the game through Manon Ryba whose header just went over the edge (1′), the rest of this first act was sluggish. A consecutive strike (10′, 12′, 16′, 19′, 25′), sure, but no danger until Mélissa Renard could not find fault in a constructed action (1-0, 36′) after seeing his free kick fail the bar (31′).

Normal. Like this cagade, the trademark of Elisa Monin’s teammates, allowing the visitors, harmless until then, to return (1-1, 44′).

Another face in the second half

During the break, the partners of Mamy Ndiaye, newcomer, showed another face back from the locker room. “In the second half, the girls returned to the pitch with completely different intentions. And, our offensive trident, shy until then, was expressing thunder,” added Jérémie Monnier.

Already a goalscorer, Mélissa Renard turned setter and delivered a sweet three to her fellow attackers. In the first, Joely Bruletti finished a good collective movement (2-1, 56′). In the second, Mamy Ndiaye sent the leather into the back of the net with a furious and authoritarian whim (3-1, 60′). And in the end, the sprite Joely Bruletti offered a double by deceiving the Seinomarine goalkeeper with a flat foot well felt (4-1, 67 ‘).

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At the other end of the field, the woodskeeper, Kassandra Leroy, was not worried but remained vigilant and made a great save at the end of the game (90’+3). Packing, wrapping, weighing and shipping, the qualification is abolished.

Alencon Rouen French Cup 2022 2023
For the second consecutive season, the women of US Alençon will participate in the first federal round of the Coupe de France. ©L’Orne Hebdo

“We want to see something big in the house”

“I am very happy to be in the first federal round like last season. We want to conquer our pet peeve. Now we just have to hope for a good draw,” confided Mélissa Renard, director of a big performance.

“A whole box. We are happy to win this match. the boys taught us the way and also the girls in basketball. I’m really proud of what we did today. We showed good values ​​and that is what is important in football. We will wait for the draw but we really want to hit big at home. »

Marine Campos, US Alençon player

With necessarily an idea behind the head: “That would be great and, why not, create an exploit. In an era of gender equality, that would be welcome.


The objectives. Alencon: Renard (36′), Bruletti (56′, 67′), Ndiaye (60′). Rouen Plateau East: Moreno (44′)

ALENCON : Leroy, Lieron, Monin (Forest-Lalanne, 79′), Fournage, Guilbert (Gautier, 46′), Gilbert, Campos, Ryba (cap.), Renard, Bruletti, Ndiaye (Burard, 86′). Coaches: Jérémie Monnier and Emmanuel Mauger.

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