Succeed in your digital transformation with Expertime

The digital transformation of companies has become necessary for the development of their activity. However, successfully passing this milestone is not easy. Specializing in the Microsoft environment, Expertime helps companies that need to meet this challenge.

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Successful digital transformation at Expertime
Succeed in your digital transformation with Expertime

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Complete expertise around the Microsoft ecosystem

Por help companies across the metropolis, Expertime has built practices around five core areas of expertise. Its Application Development department develops Microsoft cloud native applications on behalf of corporate clients. For this, Expertime responds to precise specifications or intervenes with the customer with assistance and technical expertise. It mainly concerns business applications, which come with the modernization of customer information systems. In this context, they rely on Microsoft Azure solutions.

The Data/AI division is structured in three main areas of the offer: the design and implementation of architectures that improve the integration and processing of data at the global level of the company (especially thanks to the Microsoft cloud Azure), analysis and exploitation of data for a more accurate understanding of business challenges and optimization of decision-making processes, and finally management to control and make the most of a data-driven strategy.

Expertime is also involved in the deployment of the Digital Workplace, which enables the implementation of new collaboration tools that meet the constraints and goals of the company and its businesses. Based on accurate specifications and advice, solutions are created and installed based on the Microsoft 365 and Teams environment. From analysis to team training, the agency is involved in all phases of the project.

Responding to growing demand, Expertime is also an expert in “Low Code” solutions. It must be said that this strategy represents one of the new challenges for companies. By developing, in collaboration with the client’s business users, applications that are easy to learn and upgrade, Expertime responds to the growing demand from its clients. Moreover, the agency received the Microsoft Business Apps Advanced Specialization in 2021, making it one of the few French partners of Microsoft to obtain it.

Finally, the E-commerce division allows working with Open-Source and Microsoft solutions in creating and implementing e-commerce solutions for companies. The agency also has expertise in Shopify and Magento. The implementation of the architecture, management of the purchasing process or the user experience is no secret for Expertime.

Expertise is recognized throughout the territory

Since its creation in 2003, Expertime has set itself the goal of becoming a “pure Microsoft” partner. The bet was more than won, the agency gets the Award from the famous brand three times.

Moreover, all employees of the agency must follow a very specific course that allows them to pass the various expertises at Microsoft. The agency is also regularly inspected by its partner, which allows it to receive numerous certifications (about a hundred per year) and advanced specialties.

This expertise, Expertime offers it throughout the metropolis. In fact, to meet the needs of its clients, the agency opened branches in different cities: Nantes, Lyon and Aix-en-Provence. Expertime even opened offices in Hong Kong!

This local player currently has 200 employees and is about to launch mass recruitment, thus strengthening its local and regional footprint.

Towards the challenges of sustainable innovation

The environment has become one of the main issues at the beginning of this century. Expertime knows this and wants to use its expertise to meet the challenges ahead. Therefore, agency consultants support their clients to make their cloud operation more eco-responsible. This is GreenOps. You will also be able to participate in the new GreenOps event, fully dedicated to optimizing the ecological impact of the corporate cloud, this November 24, 2022 in the Pont Neuf gardens in Paris.

The method used is based on tools and preliminary analysis. Accurate metrics are also provided to customers to let them know their impact.

Following an audit and a detailed analysis, Expertime makes recommendations through tools installed at the customer’s premises and stages advice and support

When creating applications, this reflection is systematically carried out upstream.

At the same time, Expertime joined the BuildFor2030 program, launched by Microsoft to act on the carbon footprint. Expertime is also part of the 1% of EcoVadis platinum-certified companies.

After almost 20 years of existence, Expertime is one of the few Microsoft partners offering such a level of expertise for French companies wishing to carry out their digital and responsible transformation.

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