Animals sacrificed on the altar of science

April 1981. Amand Jammot, famous producer Screen Folders at Antenne 2 offered me to make a film on what is commonly called “vivisection”. The idea seems exciting to me. investigate the way Investigating money for a good cause is an invaluable opportunity. Except that at that time, the technical methods were not perfect. There is no camera the size of a jacket button to conduct “hidden interviews”, no shotgun microphone that allows us to learn from afar, no drone yet… So we must go forward with our eyes uncovered face Despite this handicap, the images we returned were unbearable. The laboratory animal christened “biological material” appeared in his terrible daily life. I was insulted, even more, because so many fake images hurt people’s consciences. My meeting with the neurophysiologist José Delgado was particularly questioned. A pioneer in the field of brain implants, it has an important laboratory in Madrid. When I go with him, he invites me to see his exploits. A 1963 film showed him in an arena in Cordoba. A bull, its skull full of electrodes, prepares to charge the scientist who, using a remote control, stops the animal in its tracks. Professor Delgado took me to his pet store. Magical, little monkeys from North Africa, belted in seats looked at us. By playing with his remote control, the scientist makes his guinea pigs raise an arm or a leg with obvious pleasure. Later, he invited the rats to fight or move away. Elsewhere, they are monkeys whose mouths are deformed by the amount of cigarettes they have to smoke under duress from researchers. And then there are the live pigs thrown against the wall to test seat belts.

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