Can we lose weight without sports and naturally? Head to our best tips and tricks!

Lose weight without going through the sport box: here is the dream of all women, but also men. Following a strict diet and exercise schedule is tough enough and most people today are simply overwhelmed. So, is it possible to get rid of extra pounds without training and without dieting? Today, I answer a frequently asked question, namely “Can we lose weight without sport”. Yes and I will tell you how to succeed.

As I mentioned above, it is quite possible to lose weight without physical training. How is this possible? Thanks for some great tips that not only promote weight loss, but also prevent their continuation in the future. Instead, I’m talking about smart daily habits and some dietary changes. As a bonus, I also reveal the popular Japanese technique for weight loss in the video. Let’s go!

If you think you’ll lose weight by eating anything, think again. It doesn’t work that way. And no, I’m not talking about a set diet, but rather good healthy food to include in your daily menu compulsively. First of all, it is especially the proteins that should be included in every meal. They increase satiety, reduce appetite and the number of calories consumed. I recommend that you prioritize eggs for breakfast and add other high protein foods like chicken, fish, Greek yogurt, quinoa and almonds to your menu.

An effective and healthy appetite suppressant, fiber should be an important part of every weight loss diet, whether you exercise or not. Fibers form a gel that slows digestion and reduces appetite, thus promoting effective and long-term weight loss. High-fiber foods for weight loss include beans, oats, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, oranges, and flax seeds.

Drinks to speed up weight loss

How to lose weight without exercising? In addition to the winning foods mentioned above, it’s also important to stock up on herbal teas that are rich in antioxidants. In this order of ideas, drinking green tea to lose weight is an effective practice that also helps to cleanse the body. Other drinks include black tea, apple cider vinegar drinks, vegetable juices, etc.

While I’m at it, it’s important to mention drinking water regularly – an important gesture for the proper functioning of the body. In fact, one study showed that drinking 500 ml of water 30 minutes before a meal reduced appetite and calorie intake.

Besides, the combination of ginger and lemon is probably the most popular drink for weight loss. Particularly popular among influencers, the video recipe below deserves to be added to our menus:


The famous Japanese technique for weight loss

Tips for losing weight without sports include a rather interesting Japanese technique based on simple, but effective breathing. baptized Eating a long breath, it was popularized by actor Miki Ryosuke who used it to relieve his back pain. Later, he realized the positive effects on his height. Demo in the video below:


Good daily habits

In addition to the right foods and slimming drinks, there are some habits to lose weight without sports and naturally. Here’s an overview below:

  • Chew well and eat slowly increases satiety and reduces caloric intake. Thus, you will get rid of extra pounds and prevent their continuation.
  • Pay attention to food components. Larger portions encourage us to eat more and have been linked to weight gain and obesity.
  • Eat carefully : Distractions at meal time cause a person to eat more and therefore take in more calories. I’m specifically talking about electronic devices like smartphones and TVs.
  • Sleep better and avoid stress : Believe it or not, improving sleep and relieving stress can help you lose weight without resorting to strenuous exercise. Lack of sleep and stress alter appetite-regulating hormones, increasing hunger.

*Source used: Healthline

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