Animals also have rights to their connected objects

To monitor, feed or even entertain your pets, there is now a plethora of connected things to improve their daily life.

Everyday life is becoming connected. Even animals. From litter to bowl, from health tracker collar to toys, there’s something to monitor and manage cats and dogs to reassure owners.

PetTech has been on the rise for several years and many connected things are being set up in homes to have a more current eye on our four-legged friends. Overview of devices that can greatly facilitate life at home.

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The Xiaomi Smart Feeder kibble dispenser

Xiaomi Smart Pet Feeder
Xiaomi Smart Pet Feeder © Xiaomi

Being able to leave your pet at home without the risk of its bowl being empty or overfilled, that’s one less worry in the all-connected age. Xiaomi launched its Smart Pet Feeder to make feeding cats and dogs easier, while keeping a close eye on them. This automatic kibble dispenser is quite large, with a very large capacity (1.8 kg), but very efficient. Connected via Wifi, it allows you to manage the amount poured, the number of times per day the animal is fed and even adjust the portions according to the nutritional content of the kibble selected.

The Xiaomi Home / Mi Home companion app also allows you to be notified when the reserve is exhausted or when you need to change the filter that guarantees an excellent level of moisture in the food.

Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain © Xiaomi

The Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain also exists as a supplement. This connected water fountain provides continuous water for its animals (2L tank, ie 4 to 7 days), with a permanent filtration system to prevent bacteria and other harmful elements that may shut up Notifications warn when it is necessary to clean the device, fill the reserve or replace the filter.

The Xiaomi Smart Feeder is sold for 129.99 euros on the Xiaomi website and the Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain for 79.99 euros. A discount of 50 euros was made on the pack including two devices (209.98 euros).

Invoxia Smart Dog Collar

Invoxia Smart Dog Collar
Invoxia Smart Dog Collar © Invoxia

This dog collar wants to be more than just a tracker. The Invoxia Smart Dog Collar is also interested in the activity and health of your companion (over 8 kg or quite large, because the collar is wide). Its many sensors will make it possible to collect information on the health of its heart, but also on breathing.

This smart biometric collar, available in different colors, recognizes several metrics reported in the Invoxia application to create an inventory of the animal’s shape. So it is possible to know his geolocation in real time, the different activities he has done (eating, sleeping, scratching, barking, etc.), whether he is doing well or not. Loss of appetite, digestion or physical concerns will appear with alerts for the owner who can share data with the vet.

The Invoxia Smart Dog Collar will go on sale in the fall for 99 euros

Petcube Cam

The Petcube Cam surveillance camera
The Petcube Cam surveillance camera © Petcube

What does an animal do alone in the house during the day? This is the big question for owners. Then the surveillance camera makes merry. Basically, it’s basically a Wifi-connected indoor security camera that will allow you to vocally interact with your four-legged friend while visually monitoring his every move. The HD camera (1080p with clear night vision up to 10m) offers a 110° field of view and 8x zoom for its live video streaming. Notifications are sent if unusual activity is detected. The subscription service allows you to store 90 days of videos and photos.

But the big advantage of the Petcube Cam is that you can contact a professional veterinarian 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if you feel that your cat or dog is not in the best shape. It is possible to exchange with the professional through the chat of the Petcube application and get advice, answers and information for free.

Petkit Pura Max Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Petkit Pura Max
Petkit Pura Max © Petkit

A less attractive task when you have an animal that has finally automated itself. The dream of many comes true Petkit Pura Max, a litter box with automatic cleaning (any compatible clumping litter). As soon as the animal leaves the litter, infrared sensors detect the movements and Petkit Pura Max launches the operations. The device removes, cleans and disinfects animal waste. These are reduced to dry and compact blocks to be thrown away, a deodorizing system keeps bad odors at bay as a bonus. Ideal for animals under 8 kg, it has a 15-day autonomy.

Note that the application also allows you to follow the state of your cat’s health (weight, number of times he visits his litter box, if he increases the number of cleanings, replaces the litter box, etc.)

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