Football – After Stade Reims

It was a serious encounter between Brestois and Rémois on Sunday at the Francis-Le-Blé stadium. Therefore, it is not necessary to expect from this confrontation placed under the sign of physical conflicts that it increases technically.

To From the moment the referee, Mr. Delajod decided to let the cancer of football develop that it is incessantly pulling shirts, fighting on the arm or shoulder, there may be no clear and clear actions and individual explosions. We can always blame the attackers for their incompetence, but did they not pay for the efforts made to get out of an excessive scoring shirt?

On the other hand, the referee will not fall into the trap set by Brestois who perhaps bet a little on the Achilles heel of the stadium – this iteration of ending a match with a low number (five expulsions on the occasion of their last four away meetings) – by playing the card of provocation to the detriment of their game. The Red and Whites will have at least won this challenge.

Yehvan DIOUF

Excellent in his line, reliable in his aerial performances, the native of Montreuil otherwise had a tremendous waste in his foot lifts. A moment of panic in the 42nd minute when he didn’t know what to do (hand or foot?) with a ball sent back by Gravillon.

Alexis Flips

If he does not have all the reflexes of one side (he will show that he has difficulty turning by being surprised by a ball placed behind him in the 2nd), he adapts and develops at the level of hope. He was often seen up front but failed to serve his attackers well. And when he should try to finish an action in the opposite area by himself in the middle of the second period, he prefers the idea of ​​the pass to Balogun. Bad inspiration.


Operating in a three-man defense since his arrival in Champagne, he will have little trouble adjusting to the right axial position in the 4-4-2 set up by Will Still. A few estimates of placement, one or two hesitations in his interventions will show this. The bad news is that muscle soreness will sideline him at the mark of time. Replaced by
Check out KEITA
(60th) paying a heavy price for his inexperience and lack of vice but still going unbeaten for his second appearance in Ligue 1.


He will end the match on one leg. It is expected that it will not be too serious for the captain who is not always partying in the middle of a defense that does not emit much silence every time it is exposed to the blows of the opposing batters. The former Moroccan international holds the house and while it sometimes floats, it rarely cracks.

Bradley Locke

If his offensive incursions were able to surprise the Brest defense on several occasions, he would trouble his own team on two or three occasions by misplacing or losing the ball in the critical zone. His suspension being activated for next Sunday’s game will allow him to breathe a little.


It is not easy to fight for balls at the feet of opponents who do not hesitate to use simulation to put pressure on the referee. Authored a gross recovery error that didn’t look like him and allowed the Finisterians to score before the break (ultimately the goal was disallowed for offside). The second part of the match was less exposed.


A very average match where he did not give the impression of playing with his (great) physical ability. Will his misadventure in Lorient (expulsion in the 48th minute) slow him down in terms of his expression? Replaced by
(61st) who will have great game orientations and interesting forward projections as long as his teammates aren’t five or six.

This is Junya

The Japanese international suffered a minor knock last Sunday against Auxerre. Uncomfortable with his crosses, indecisive with his overflows. The upcoming World Cup in Qatar is probably also in the back of his mind.


The first period was very bad. Unaccustomed to expressing himself in the middle of a “bamboche” against the game, he will devote himself to helping the stadium team by working on his substitute and taking care to remain supportive of the ball carrier. Replaced by
Nathanael MBUKU


He talks to a Noah Fadiga who decides to make his life impossible by defending many with his arms (shirt prints…). The Kosovar ended up furious. And he can achieve nothing good. Replaced by
(61st) who, with his running speed, would benefit from physically wearing down Breton’s right side. But it will not be effective either at the level of centers, or at the level of shots.


With Chardonnet clinging to the overcoat (literally and figuratively), he can rarely produce a class action. Like this 33rd minute when he literally pierced the local defensive system before crossing his shot too far. The sequence of knife matches against defenders who mark him so closely begins to weigh on a physical level. Replaced by Noah Holm (90th+2).

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