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Rani Assaf, Jean-Jacques Bourdin, David Brachet, vice-president and Philippe Gas, treasurer of the Grinta club (photo: Sacha Virga)

As every day from Monday to Friday, discover important Gard sports news in a few pieces of information.

Nimes Olympic

The rejection of unappreciated adults. Last Friday, you heard an outstretched hand thrown by the Grinta club to the former players of Nîmes Olympique. In fact, the supra association, with around 700 members, decided to contact Aldo Constanzo, treasurer of the Amicale des Anciens du Nîmes Olympique, to invite former players of the club to attend the last match in the history of Costières. Bordeaux, this Saturday at 3 pm In unison, the AANO office rejected this proposal and sent a message to all its members. “We have been flouted by the club for many years, so it is unthinkable for us to accept an invitation given under the conditions we all know”, justified the president, Patrick Champ. The latter holds a deep grudge and doesn’t want to erase the past with a wave of a magic wand. In fact, the main complaint against Rani Assaf, the NO president, is that former players are no longer welcome in the stadium. To renew the relationship, Patrick Champ wants to speak directly to Rani Assaf. Even in this case the approach did not come directly from Nîmes Olympique but from the Grinta club. A certain rejection, despite giving everyone the freedom to do what they want, that is no longer in the office of the Grinta club, especially David Brachet, the vice-president, and Philippe Gas, the treasurer . “He was the one who came to me in the beginning, telling me that it’s not normal for adults to stay on the sidelines”, explained Philippe Gas about the exchange with Patrick Champ from a few weeks when the relationship between the club and the supporters is improving. The latter therefore called Patrick Champ to express his disappointment and explain to him that this type of recruitment will not be repeated anytime soon. “I only reached out my hand once”, assures the Grinta club representative stating that places are always available by talking to the elders. Because some are present in the image of Toifilou Maoulida. Others who couldn’t move took a separate phone call to say they appreciated this approach. A failed first act, but like the conflict between Rani Assaf and the Gladiators, we can hope that the situation will eventually calm down.

Marciano (8 years old) smiles despite the cold and rain (Photo Corentin Corger)

“Rather trust”. It was rainy and cold this morning as the Crocos trained two days before facing Bordeaux, Saturday at 3pm, for the final match at the Costières stadium. “It’s always exciting in the rain. In Sedan I am many”, Nicolas Usaï joked that, like every Thursday, little was done in the more playful session based on finishing work. An hour of Lorient to paraphrase Maël Durand de Gevigney talking to Ronny Labonne while imprisoned under his umbrella was the companion of Pablo Pagis, who came from Brittany. Moussa Koné was present in training as Axel Maraval although he was not in goal when the strikes were made. For these two players, the coach is “quite confident with a good reaction for Axel”. Yassine Benrahou participated in his first session since his pubalgia surgery. The playmaker can be fully resumed, in duels, on Monday. ” I’m surprised “, the coach of Nîmes said to see the former Bordeaux return to the competition very quickly. The return of the group to Niort or Montauban on November 20 cannot be left out. On the other hand, there was no improvement for Nicolas Benezet. Mahamadou Doucouré remained in care as Marius Zampa left to rest.

USAM Nimes Gard

Mathieu Salou forfeited for this trip to Sélestat (Yannick Pons)

The first for Rémi Peyre. Tomorrow at 8:30 pm, Nîmes travel to Sélestat for the 8th day of the Starligue. After a 30-22 defeat at Montpellier on Saturday, the Usamists will want to react at the bottom of the championship with seven defeats on the clock. In addition to Romain Tesio, Boïba Sissoko and Hugo Kamtchop-Baril, Nîmes are without Mathieu Salou. The right-back is suffering from a hamstring injury and is therefore out. It should be returned for the reception of Nantes, November 13. So, it is a young player from the reserve who takes his place. In this case, the 18-year-old Rémi Peyre called again, for the first time with the professional group, who also found Baptiste Joblon and Guéric Vincent. A meeting that seems to be the reunion of Steven George, who spent from 2014 to 2020 in Nîmes, who was the champion of the French Proligue last season with the Alsatian club.

The selected group: Demaille, Baznik; Gallego, Poyet, Joblon, Dupuy, Acquevillo, Konradsson, Tobie, Peyre, Hesham, Minel, Vincent, Gibernon, Rebichon, Sanad.

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