Near Guingamp: they entered a retirement home with cats, dogs, chickens and even a goat

Around Guingamp (Côtes-d’Armor), many retirement homes and nursing homes welcome new residents accompanied by their pets. ©Fanch LE PIVERT

The retirement homes and nursing home (accommodation establishments for the older one dependent) do they accept the new resident with their pets ?

Some yes, but not all. In fact, it is up to each structure whether to accept or rejectpet of new residents.

Even though furry or furry animals are already increasing in habitats, the practice is not that common.

Marie-Thérèse and her dog Nouk

Near Guingampin Cotes-d’Armor, some senior living facilities welcome seniors with their dogs and cats. And sometimes even with more unexpected animals.

This is the case with Gracesin residence of Keranno. Here, everyone knows who Marie-Thérèse is: this is the lady who walks with her dog in the corridors and in the park of the establishment.

Marie-Thérèse and Nouk, her Breton spaniel, entered the Keranno residence in January 2021. They have been inseparable for 14 years.

“I had him when he was little and he was always by my side. I assure you I would not be here without him. It means a lot to me, important even. He was with me, with him, I never felt alone. His presence also allows me to get to know others, more easily,” said Marie-Thérèse smiling in a soft voice.

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Dog, cat, bird, parrot

Currently, Marie-Thérèse Le Clec’h is the only resident of Keranno who lives with her pet.

“In the past, we have had many others, people with dogs, cats, birds, including a parrot”, says Florian Berthelot, the co-director of the establishment that has 92 residents and about forty employees. .

Recently someone else came with his three chickens, but here we put them in the animal park, outside

Florian Berthelot

Keranno welcomes its residents’ pets, depending on their ability to care for them. As other establishments do.

A few kilometers away, in Saint-Agathon, the Beau Chêne residence behaves in the same way.

“Since the opening of the shelter in 1991, we have welcomed many animals with their owners, up to six or seven at a time”, assures David Berthelot, the director of Ehpad.

“Later we did the same for a goat”

The residence has 120 residents. Today, only Raymonde lives with her pet Django, a Cavalier King Charles dog.

Another woman lives with her rabbit that she has adopted since coming here

David Berthelot

Beau Chêne has an animal park, which makes things easier in some cases for accepting animals from new residents. “One day, a lady came with two chickens that she was taking care of. We put them in the park and every day he can see them. Another time, we did the same thing for a goat”, smiled the director of Beau Chêne where it is obvious that pets are accepted for the benefit of the residents.

“It is up to man to take care of his animal”

Provided that certain conditions are met when the residence contract is formalized upon entry into residence.

“It’s up to people to take care of their animal, even if sometimes we give it a little help, to take it to the vet for example,” says David Berthelot. “A third person should also be named in case of concern for the resident, such as hospitalization. »

The animal accepted must also be followed by a veterinarian, friendly, well educated and clean.

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