Soccer. At ASPTT Caen, Arnold Kiniffo is looking for new responsibilities

Arnold Kiniffo, here in the Coupe de France, joins ASPTT Caen to strengthen the central defense. ©Aline Chatel

Like many others, he went through it the Stade Malherb training centree. Like many others, he grew up there but didn’t hatch much. Arnold Kiniffo, who came from Hérouville, was seen by the latter by the prestigious neighbor. At 15, he tried his luck at the height of Venoix. After two years, he left without a choice. “I was first physically but technically, I was late. And then, I wasn’t ready for the training requirements. »

“A Combine Harvester”

The central defender wants more patience from the Caen trainers. He came up against the harsh reality of the professional world and retains a certain bitterness. “Did they get along well with me? I do not think so. At 15, you want to grow fast and strong. For that, you need specific support. In an ultra-competitive environment, he didn’t see it that way.

I feel it is a combine harvester. They left me to fend for myself when they saw it would take me longer.

Arnold Kiniffo

Kiniffo the fat is nevertheless aware of his deficiency. “I was reaching an age where they were asking for things that were obvious to some people, when they were not necessarily obvious to me. I felt different technically. They felt that my progress was too slow and that there was a generation pushing back. »

“If I stayed…”

In retrospect, Arnold Kiniffo retained little disappointment from this very brief passage. “I was very far from being the best, but I felt that if I stayed and trained, I would explode. “Ten years later, he perfectly describes the way in which these potentials, sometimes not far from the account, watered the local clubs. However, when he was forced to leave Malherbe, Arnold Kiniffo suffered a blow by returning to Hérouville.

Football is never the same. I didn’t want more than that.

Cédric Hoarau, then Maladrerie coach, reignited the fire by securing his services. It was to be with him that he left MOS after four years. Meanwhile, Cédric Hoarau has signed for Vire. “Vire made me evolve. In MOS, I didn’t do much. National 3 isn’t the Holy Grail either, but you’re gathering experience there. »

Arnold Kiniffo is a central or midfielder in Vire in N3.
Arnold Kiniffo in the Vire jersey. ©Aline Chatel

“A pleasant environment”

Last season, the last of his three years in the Bocage, Arnold Kiniffo played 21 matches in National 3. “I was often made a joker in the early part of the season. I imposed as a holder in the middle then. But I want to go back to my work and have another role, to support young people. It was with the desire to discover new responsibilities that Arnold Kiniffo joined ASPTT Caen (R1) last summer.

I was immediately shocked by the coach’s speech. If I go down the level, it needs an ambitious structure, clear objects and a favorable environment. I don’t want to fall into a trap.

Arnold Kiniffo

At PTT, where his start to the season was slightly delayed by an injury, Arnold Kiniffo is convinced that he can continue his development. “The coach is very picky about the details,” he appreciated. Here too Laurent Dufour was not satisfied with the physical strength of his recruit. “I rely too much on my athletic qualities, too much in the eyes of my coach. I’ve always had this flaw of making silly little mistakes with my physical commitment. I try to predict the game better, to read the trajectories better. »

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Descend to a better rise

Holding central defence, Arnold Kiniffo is “not the same as he was four or five years ago”. He aims to show this match after match to a team looking to take the next step. Arnold Kiniffo didn’t go down to a floor to stay there forever. That’s good, ASPTT Caen shows the same determination in the idea of ​​returning to the National 3.

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