Trials, cycling, bodybuilding, aqua fitness, boxing… At Fabrègues, sport does not lack talent

Midi Libre decided to highlight the sportsmen and women of the thirty municipalities of the Metropolis. Through December 13, find sports newsmakers. Insights that, of course, do not claim to be complete.

At the age of 16, Margaux Pena has made it to the big leagues

Margaux is always higher.

At Fabrègues, the test is an old and family story. Created in 1985, it is, along with football and petanque, one of the clubs with the strongest roots in the town.

But this is also a family affair. Passionate about the discipline since his youth, Éric Pena has led the Trial-Club Fabrègues since 1994, with an extraordinary 20-hectare site in the Gardiole massif. He thought of course of passing the virus to his sons. Alas, Jean, 35, fell in love with the tennis racket. Pierre, 30, took up rugby. And Eliott, 16, loves basketball. “It’s a crazy thing, father laughs. I did everything to make them love the bike. And she’s the girl who got the virus!”

Yes, of course! In Penas, Margaux, 16, Eliott’s twin sister, finally picked up the torch. And not just a little! Under the very small test bike bath, he quickly got people talking about him, became the French junior champion.

Agility, technique, crossing: Margaux is great. And when he used the electric motorcycle four years ago, the results were dazzling.

In the League championship, the boys’ smiles didn’t last long when they saw the teenager fall and even more the ease with which he evolved on his machine. “He often fines the boys. We laugh at that”father’s confession

At just 16 years old, Margaux Pena is now a member of the French women’s motorcycle trial team (FFM). In 2021, she became the French women’s trial champion.

Last month, in Monza (Italy), riding an Electric Motion made in Vendargues, he competed in his very first team world championship. From October 28 to 30, in San Pietro Mussolino (Veneto), she took part in the very first all-female international event. The goal of 2023 is there: to join the top 10 women’s rankings in the world.

But despite being the queen of trials, Margaux still has her head on her shoulders. A high school student in Mermoz, she wants to continue her studies to become a midwife. One day, inevitably, the time of choice will come. Contact the Chairman: 06 86 51 52 98.

Lisa Bouladou, passionate about MTB

Lisa Bouladou.

Lisa Bouladou.

From her earliest childhood, Lisa Bouladou has had cycling in her blood. More than a passion, it’s a way of life. Lisa started at the Saint-Jean-de-Védas club in 2016. She won the Roc Azur in 2019 “minimum category, cross-country”. And, 2 years ago, the coach of the France team, Emmanuel Hubert, saw him and offered him an internship where he placed 2nd.

He specializes in DH (downhill) and joined the French team. Lisa has been European junior champion in 2021 and 3rd in 2022, in Maribor. He is French junior champion since Septemberranked 3rd in women’s scratch and won the 2022 French cup ranking. He finished 5th at the “Les Gets” junior world championship.

But passing the baccalaureate and driver’s license remain his priorities, “to relieve m [s] are parents”. His wish is to enter a sports school to train later as a physiotherapist.

Muscle with the Galiano brothers

Philippe and Pascal Galiano.

Philippe and Pascal Galiano.

The bodybuilding club was founded in 2003 with two Galiano brothers, in their fifties. Philippe is the president, he manages the members. Meanwhile, Pascal is accredited Youth and Sports, and four other people are state graduates, including a dietician. The office consists of 14 athletes, who manage 380 members. 78% are from Fabréguois and equality is almost achieved, as 137 women come regularly to train.

Since the weight room is an old washhouse that can’t be enlarged, they installed equipment outside, and plan to work soon, outside anyway, to put up tatami mats for abdominal sessions.

The club is open from 7 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week, and can still accept new members.

Muscu Gym Club Fabréguois, rue du Lavoir. 04 67 85 27 10.

Marion Castillo, fitness and water

Marion Castillo.

Marion Castillo.

Creator of Aqua fitness, Marion Castillo does not give up and she does everything to bring her center to life. At the age of 33, he has a PSE2 first aid 1st and 2nd degree diploma. His profession is mainly passion. It welcomes young chronic patients or patients with long-term illness (ALD), expectant mothers, baby swimmers from 4 months to 3 years old.

He regularly attends refresher courses. Recently, he specializes in helping people who are afraid of water: a session is reserved for them, who have aquaphobia. It is full of other projects that it will gradually reveal. There is no swimming pool open to the public in town: Marion Castillo created it. The aquatic center is located on rue Gine, district of comic strip artists.

More information: 06 43 45 34 27 or

Josselin Sablos, the cult of the ring

Josselin Sablos.

Josselin Sablos.

Josselin Sablos, 48, has always loved boxing. At the age of 20, he met Philippe Swing, perfected his skills, passed his sports instructor certificate and 2 years later, they created the Muay Thai Panitchak association, which quickly achieved great success.

The club has 120 members, with gender parity. To train the boxers and inaugurate the ring recently purchased with the help of sponsors and the municipality, Josselin organized in-house tournaments.

“It is to train the students to be comfortable in a ring that I want to get one. During the fights outside, I noticed that my boxers have time to adapt to their opponents, they are regular who are trained in a ring. I put them in the same atmosphere, facing the opponent. Boxing is my childhood dream. I’m happy, I realized it by bringing my passion to young people.”

The strong points

● An elevated golf course

The place, very pleasant even bucolic, attracts more and more newbies! Created about ten years ago between Fabrègues and Gigean, very close to the D613, the Gardiole golf course is a compact 6-hole course that has experienced a new dynamic in two years. In the process of restructuring the 9 holes, it suggests discovering, learning or improving the discipline around a friendly state of mind and a common formula: “Golf in all its simplicity”. Welcome guaranteed. The icing on the putter: the presence of the internal TrackMan simulator, which provides extremely fun instruction and allows you to discover courses from around the world on a giant screen.

● Must be football

It is impossible to talk about sport in Fabrègues without mentioning the Fabrègues Sports Association! Created in 1935, the football club beloved by President Laurent Fougerolle now has at least 438 members. Its senior men’s team plays in Regional 1 and regularly excels at superb Coupe de France courses, including three recent appearances in the 32nd finals in 2017, 2018 and 2020. There is no shortage of posters at Joseph-Jeanton stadium.

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