What does the new Range Rover Sport plug-in hybrid cost?

Born seventeen years ago, the Range Rover Sport was quickly became the preferred “Range” in the hearts of customers over its better known and older sibling. The question of size has a more reasonable, no doubt and price, certainly. Now the Sport is back for a third generation, mixing genres well between the great Range Rover and the rest of the Evoque and Velar. When it comes to dimensions, the Sport remains firm, at 4.96 m long, 1.82 m tall and a whopping 2.21 m with the mirrors open.. A scale that does not really go down proves that this colossus was never, yesterday as today, designed for the narrow corner of the Old Continent.

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Strong argument

This sense of excess is also found in the wheels. Pinch yourself, the Sport can fit, standard or optional depending on the finish, 23 inches like our P510 plug-in hybrid test model. Honestly, when you ride to hit the road, you tell yourself that it’s all bad. Especially since we read the technical sheet beforehand, stopped, amazed, at the weight line. According to the homologation numbers, the Range Sport P510e weighs… 2,810 kg! A debauchery that goes against the grain of history but can be seen on the board.

The layout of the driving position proves to be agreeable, with an inevitably large all-purpose touch screen (13.1 inches) placed in the middle of a console, however different from the Range Rover – the only way to really stand out. But, between the finish, the endless list of equipment – including a noise reduction system, as in airplanes – and the quality of materials such as aluminum door handles.the demanding customer will have the satisfaction of seeing where he has put his pounds.

Impeccable materials and assemblies aboard the new Range Rover Sport plug-in hybrid.©Land Rover

Large battery for long power range

Because our 510 hp demands at least an unreasonable check for €140,100! Certainly, we are treated with full respect, the seats, wide and comfortable, can also make a lot of taste during the massage.. However, in the back, if the bigger one will find that there is space, it is not the life of the castle for a car of this size. On the other hand, they will taste the silence at the start and they will have enough to enjoy it for a long time.

In fact, this Sport is offered with rechargeable hybrids of 440 or 510 hp, two engines that should easily represent the majority of sales in France against diesels (250 or 300 hp) and V8 petrol (530 hp ) judged by penalties (CO2 and weight) . For our test P510 e, we can even talk of a super-PHEV. Because, beyond the high power obtained from the marriage of a 6-cylinder in-line petrol engine and the 105 kW electric block, the Range Sport promises more than 100 km of autonomy in zero emission mode.. To achieve this task, it has a 38.2 kWh battery, which is almost the same battery capacity as a 2013 Renault Zoe…

In practice, it works since we traveled 77 km without starting the thermal, half of the test was carried out on the motorway, where PHEVs drain their battery faster. Similarly, the Land Rover gives the illusion of being lighter than it is thanks to the rigid demeanor and the important assistance of the rear steering wheels, which can also turn up to 7.3° opposite the front wheels for with easy parking. As long as you don’t take him as a sportsman, which he is not, he is sure and his ESP anti-skid keeps watching the turns approached in an overly optimistic way..

The new Range Rover Sport plug-in hybrid receives rear-wheel steering.
The new Range Rover Sport plug-in hybrid receives rear-wheel steering.©Land Rover

Off road tradition

Finally, in addition to the traditional all-wheel drive – the front axle is completely disconnected with lower consumption depending on the conditions – the Englishman assigned off-road driving programs, as we experienced. All finished with an impressive level of comfort thanks to a two-chamber air suspension combined with controlled damping signed Bilstein. In short, the engine does not lack qualities and we must salute the talents of Land Rover developers. But, at this price level (from €101,500 for the 440 hp PHEV), it’s the least we expect.

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