Book: caught up in the traoré affair, a mother defends her son gendarme delivered in popular revenge

A few days ago, the word “recovery” ran from set to set, about the Lola affair. Back then, let’s talk about it: what better time to talk about this book written with four hands, published by Robert Laffont in September, entitled My son is not an assassin ?

Virginie Gautier is the mother of one of the police officers implicated in the Adama Traoré case. Having always been on the left in his family, he accepts fully, badly beaten, the charges brought against his son, whom the duty of reserve prevents him from expressing himself. Erwan Seznec is a journalist. He wrote the real chapters, the ones about the investigation itself. ” Facts versus myths “. Because, he writes in the preface, The Traorés lost a son, a brother, a half-brother. Their pain deserves respect and consideration. But that doesn’t excuse everything. »

Virginie Gautier describes the immense steamroller that plunges her son and his family. As soon as Adama’s death is announced, the Persan-Beaumont-champagne-sur-Oise sector is on fire »: burned cars, firemen threw stones, ransacked street furniture. A policewoman” broke his nose trying to calm the crowd “. Then the death threats against the gendarmes, women and their children, their names are tagged in the housing. They must be exfiltrated. Within two hours, his son had to leave like a thief with his wife and 8-month-old daughter.

The Leviathan of the partisan press then moves, restless. He found his French George Floyd, and will not let him go. Mediapartfollowed by the pack of his epigones, sounded halali: “JI used to like a lot of Médiapart… But these journalists created an icon from scratch », Assa Traore. In addition to an icon, Assa Traoré is also the wise head of a small company: the brand “Adama” was registered with the INPI on September 30, 2016, “ collectively owned by ten members of the Traoré family, available in photographs, cards, art objects, paper towels, etc.. “. Assa Traoré will be the ephemeral muse, in luxury, of Louboutin and Stella McCartney.

It is true that Assa Traoré has amazing talents for eloquence for “stories of facts”, that he has come to say even in some schools that militant directors open the doors to him. Along with him, his other brothers became political prisoners, they were Solzhenitsyn in the archipelago of the French Gulag: ” Five of my brothers went through prison, we went to almost every prison on the Île de France “, he exclaimed emphatically in April 2021 in front of the TGI of Paris. In fact, he was right. But in these prisons with evil motives, it provides an undeniable judicial proof that is relentless. The suffering – indisputable and indisputable – of a family that has lost one of its own gives it the crown of martyrdom that puts it on a stele, inaccessible. Any re-examination of the facts is considered abominable .The one whose arrest ended tragically is eternal.

Meanwhile, the gendarmes whose names he passed on to popular condemnation have no thickness, no humanity… they do not move anyone, are embodied only by uniforms and unknown shadows, their duty of reserve is preventing them from existing in public. How, with such asymmetry, do they fight this story?

Virginie Gautier also discovered the excessive power of this partisan Larousse for dummies Wikipedia – ” The irreplaceable online encyclopedia is a powerful lever for shaping opinion – and its indescribable criteria for the acceptability of resources: from the left, they are accepted, from the right, they are not. For the militants of the Adama committee ” attempting to bias Wikipedia is not a possibility but a duty “.

The book ends with an observation: the Adama committee is starting to run out of steam. Indeed, Assa Traoré is no longer the perfect icon he once was. But the damage is done. The son of Virginie Gautier, who no one can affirm to this day that he did not only do and is doing his duty, will he be able to rise from all this one day? Virginie Gautier concluded by saying that she was ” proud of being French and the history of [son] country “. However, it can legitimately blame the latter for not being able to protect its sworn agent from such an ordeal. We can share his majesty of spirit.

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