Cinema: these 3 French romantic comedies are not to be missed in November

An idyll in the kingdom of drag queens in “Three nights a week”, a footballer looking for love in “The Christmas challenge”, and the reunion of two ex-lovers in “A romantic comedy”… Here the three French romances to discover on the big screen in November.

“Three nights a week”

Baptiste (Pablo Pauly) was not destined to interact with the world of drag queens and Parisian nights. A novice photographer and manager at FNAC, the 29-year-old is in a relationship with Samia (Hafsia Herzi), an intern passionate about her work who takes him on an HIV screening mission one night on the banks of the Seine. . Here Baptiste meets Cookie Kunty (Romain Eck), whom he immediately falls in love with. Behind this character of an attractive and ultra-made-up woman, Quentin hides who, after every performance, removes his false nails, removes his wig and has a sore foot because in heels. A mix of Scarlett Johansson and Voldemort. This contrast, Baptiste chose to show by building a photography project around these drag queens and his budding love for Cookie/Quentin. A relationship that would make him angry.

Presented at the opening of the International Critics’ Week of 79e The Venice Festival in September, “Three nights a week”, designed by Florent Gouëlou who knows the world of drag to differentiate himself monthly with Javel Habibi, was designed, according to him, as “a Trojan horse”. This nonconformist love story truly conveys a political and social message: that we can all live together, or at least live together, despite our differences. Through the lens of Baptiste, who develops freedom and creativity next to these nocturnal beauties, the viewer is immersed in this “world of entertainment with a destructive and empowering spirit”. A promising first film that mirrors “Un homme mon fils” and “Beauty Boys”, the filmmaker’s two short films.

“Three nights a week”, by and with Florent Gouëlou (1h43). Released on November 9.

“The Christmas Challenge”

A love affair in the world of women’s football. Ashley Leroy, played by Aurore Planas, is a football star. As proof, the young woman is the first French woman to be awarded the Ballon d’Or, the most prestigious individual trophy. Before hanging up his crampons, the athlete decided to join the Guingamp club, which plays in the first division. But this last experiment turns out to be more complicated than expected. The one who used to shine against his opponents could no longer score a goal. And there were more and more criticisms of him, until the club leader wanted to sell him. On the advice of her coach, Ashley will try to regain her self-confidence through travel. And this trip, before Christmas, will bring him a share of surprises and a good meeting.

After developing an interest in basketball and horse riding, Florian Hessique, who is both in front of and behind the camera, chose football as his new playground. As he recently explained to Ouest-France, “athletes have a hardline mentality which is interesting. when you put it in front of the personal development of a character”. “The Christmas Challenge” is in line with the romantic comedies of year-end celebrations, putting balm on the heart and restoring a smile.

“The Christmas Challenge”, by Florian Hessique (1h50). Released on November 16.

“A Romantic Comedy”

Contrary to genre scenarios, the two protagonists of “A romantic comedy” are not strangers to each other. Salomé (Golshifteh Farahani) and César (Alex Lutz) were actually lovers before. But César, terrified of the idea of ​​being in a relationship and afraid of the notion of commitment, prefers to leave Salomé overnight. Years later, the young man, a failed street musician who finds refuge with his brother Pierre (Olivier Chantreau) – without actually asking for his agreement – is determined to win her back. But the latter cut him out of his life and didn’t want to hear from him anymore. He preferred to devote himself to his son… or rather their daughter. Caesar will do anything to win them back, even if it means changing reality.

For his first feature film, Thibault Segouin, who collaborated on the screenplay for “Guy”, by and with Alex Lutz in 2018, signed a bittersweet romantic comedy full of poetry, fantasy, that transcends the genre code. Golshifteh Farahani and Alex Lutz form a witty and charming duo that thrives in the colorful district of Montmartre, to which the director pays homage. “Cesar is a mixture of many artists of Montmartre that I have met. In the Butte, they are stars, but because they do not leave the area, they are completely unknown outside. (…) This bohemian presence is often leading them to use resourcefulness to get out of complicated situations with panache,” explains Thibault Segouin. “A romantic comedy” also brings together great supporting roles, such as Tchéky Karyo who portrays a disoriented father after of heart disease, unable to smile because of too much botox.

“A romantic comedy”, by Thibault Segouin (1h38). Released on November 16.

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