How to optimize the logistics of an e-commerce as Christmas approaches?

According to the study of Deloittethe French spent an average of 1,086 euros on online purchases in 2018, an increase of 12% compared to 2017. And the numbers are only increasing, since the imprisonment of 2020, e-commerce will be very present in life household and takes a a large part of the retail trade in France.

However, with the year-end celebrations approaching, online purchases will increase even more, companies must be ready to optimize their e-commerce logistics to satisfy their customers.

The challenges of e-commerce logistics as Christmas approaches

Christmas is an important time for e-merchants. The online sales increased dramatically at this time of year. So it is very important that e-merchants are well prepared to handle this increase in demand.

E-commerce logistics is a important aspect preparing e-commerce businesses for Christmas. In fact, efficient e-commerce logistics will allow companies to effectively manage the increase in orders and deliver products on time. In addition, efficient e-commerce logistics will also allow companies to reduce delivery costs and optimize their customer service.

There are several factors to consider when setting up a optimal e-commerce logistics as Christmas approaches.

  • A server capable of supporting the influx of guests during parties is essential to set up.
  • It is absolutely essential to ensure that the company has process allowing to ensure the storage, handling and processing of orders within a reasonable time. An efficient storage and delivery system will allow businesses to efficiently manage orders and deliver products on time.
  • The company must have good customer service. Good customer service will make it easier for customers to solve problems when placing an order and customers will maintain a good image of the e-merchant.

E-commerce logistics, a priority for e-merchants

The Online sales increase dramatically during the Christmas season, the optimization of e-commerce logistics must therefore be done upstream so as not to find your head underwater. Here are our tips for optimize e-commerce logistics as christmas approaches:

  • Increase your stock: Make sure you have enough products in stock to meet customer needs. Feel free to call additional suppliers if needed.
  • Optimize your processes: Streamline your picking and shipping processes to save time. Tools like workshop cartsthey pallet trucks where the forklifts will be important for improving order processing detail. You can discover these trolleys to prepare your orders.
  • Contact your customers: Keep your customers informed of their order status and respect announced delivery times. Feel free to set up a tracking system to allow them to follow the progress of their order.

Mistakes to avoid in e-commerce logistics

E-commerce logistics are being tested in the fourth quarter. To avoid errors and optimize e-commerce logistics, you must prepare your site and your stock upstream. Here are some mistakes to avoid to ensure a good customer experience and on-time delivery.

Your website is not well prepared

During the Christmas season, many Internet users shop online. Therefore it is important that your website is optimized to meet customer needs. Make sure your site is easy to navigate and offers a smooth ordering process.

Demand is underestimated

Christmas is a time of high demand for e-merchants. Therefore, it is important to correctly estimate your needs in terms of stock toavoid stock shortages. Plan your production according to the orders received and allow a margin of error. Do not wait until the last moment to order your products to avoid delivery delays.

Not providing enough staff

With increasing orders, it is necessary to plan enough staff to handle e-commerce logistics. Make sure your teams are well organized and trained to guarantee the smooth running of your website and your deliveries. Feel free to call on external service providers as needed to meet the demand.

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