Le Mans FC lost to Cholet and are still a bit bogged down

For a team that never breathed a sigh of relief before the match, it would be an understatement to say that conceding a goal in the opening minutes was not done to put you in confidence. The first balls that passed through the Le Mans area quickly led to fears for the worst. Not missed! From 5e minutes, after a corner played in two stages, the Togolese defender, Simon Gbagnon, put his head under the bar of Nicolas Kocik to put Cholet on the right track (1-0).

Manceaux tried to react but in this first quarter of an hour, they were clearly defeated by the aggressiveness of Choletais who was more ready to win balls as well as the game forward and the defensive gestures.

As usual, Le Mans FC controlled possession. But not much to do. Makan Aïko’s many overflows did not lead to any exploitative center. And after 30 minutes of play, Sarthois had just one shot on target, with a long free kick from Jeffrey Quarshie that was deflected by Baptiste Valette, the local goalkeeper (24 ‘).

Cholet is more effective

The supporters of Le Mans who made the short trip were already impatient, sonicing a sonic “wake up!”. Hassimi Fadiga tries to put things right by having a little celebration as he approaches the surface and serves a good ball to Aïko. But he overshot his shot (34′).

Worse, SO Cholet, who is more effective in his combinations going forward, will improve the record. Today, Yankuba Jarju (6 goals this season) almost missed nailing Kocik with an uncertain recovery in the middle by Vargas-Rios (25′). And ironically, it was an original Manceau, Bridge Ndilu, who knocked out the Cris players.

A few minutes after a shot was too far removed (19 ‘), the attacker did not miss the 41e in a nice shift from Le Méhauté. A hook and he sets up Kocik for 2-0, break point.

Hopefully with Aïko

Upon returning from the locker room, inspiration was no longer on Manceaux’s side. They were also scared again with a corner which Jarju took but blocked narrowly (54′). As the minutes ticked away, the Blood and Gold would still find some momentum. But again, not much success. Aïko crossed several times but his ball bounced back (55′), or J. Quarshie and Smith’s headers were over the top (59′ then 70′). About the incoming strike, Noa Cervantes, too shy to worry about Valette (61′).

Will the dismissal of Cholet striker Jarju for a heavy charge on Nicolas Kocik (71′) change the situation? In part. At 79e, Makan Aïko finally found the fault after a great move initiated by Voyer and Rossignol (2-1). Hope is reborn but as in Versailles a few weeks ago, despite many attempts, the Manceaux will not succeed in their return.

With this new away defeat, Le Mans FC continues to sink in the standings, even falling back into the red zone. It’s enough to make the situation of Cris, the Brazilian coach of the club, even more unbearable…

The sheet

At the Omnisports Stadium in Cholet,

914 viewers

MT: 2-0

1-0 Gbagnon (5′); 2-0 Ndilu (41′); 2-1 Aiko (79′)

Warnings: Boubaya (30′), staff (63′) for Le Mans FC; Gameiro (23′), Jarju (44′), Robin (60′), Fatar (69′) for SO Cholet

Expulsion: Jarju (71′)

SO CHOLET: Valletta – Gameiro, Matondo, Gbegnon, Experience – Robin, Renaud, Le Méhauté – Fatar, Jarju, Ndilu (Misiatu). Instructor: S. Rossi

LE MANS FC: Kocik – Nguinda (Amir, 76′), Smith, Voyer, Vargas-Rios – E. Quarshie, Boubaya (Rossignol, 78′), Fadiga (Cervantes, 56′) – J. Quarshie, Gnanduillet, Aïko. Coach: Chris

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