LIVE – OM: Payet “disappointed” not to play, but motivated to “prove Tudor wrong”

Payet what he can bring

Final answer from Dimitri Payet: “I don’t know what I can bring. It’s not a question I can answer now. But I prepare myself every week by telling myself that I will start the upcoming match . I want to play , to do well, but there are other players. And whatever happens, whether I start, come in at halftime or play 5 minutes, we have to give everything for the team.”

Payet in his rhythm

“Yes, these are new situations for me. I almost always play in the clubs where I’ve been. But that doesn’t change much now with the possibility of 5 changes and in matches where we play every 3 days , we are more apt to come in and have weight in the decision of the matches. But of course it feels good to be a starter and have playing time.

Payet on the importance of the match against OL

“I think it’s a special match, we know that. So much the better that it’s that match, there won’t be any need to motivate the guys. It’s for those matches that we play at the football. Our supporters will be present as They are just at the beginning of the season and there is also frustration and disappointment with them.. It is up to us to make sure at the beginning of the match that they are brought and make sure it is a good night to help digest. what happened on Tuesday.”

Payet on his OM situation

“Why discuss with the leaders? I think that was never my way of doing it. Every time I went through times when I played less, I worked to regain my place, to get back on the field. Not now, at my age. , that I will complain to my leaders. The coach will decide. I will not go to the leaders to ask them why I am not playing. the limit, I could go see the coach, but not even. I think that if I am at my level, decisive, the coach is not crazy. If you win the matches, he will inevitably put you. It’s how I see things. It’s up to make sure that I will get back. my place, not through discussions but through actions on the ground. It will not change and it’s not today that I’m going to throw in the towel.”

Payet in the role of captain instead

“It’s simpler. We have an external eye and we can see things that we don’t see on the pitch. The status of captain, if you are a substitute or captain, you have to be there for the team, which makes everyone feel better. “

Payet in his substitute status

“I worked a lot to feel good. In the last match in Strasbourg, I felt good and it has been a long time since I played a full match. After this it was clear that this was not what I wanted. was in mind at the beginning of the season this. But if the coach chooses and he thinks the team will be better without me, it’s because he has reasons. It’s up to me to make sure that every day on the pitch and when he calls me to prove him wrong , to put problems on his head.”

Sequins how to bounce back

“It depends on how we want to finish these two games with the break. We can tell ourselves that we have been eliminated from the UCL and all European competitions, that we remain in a negative series in the league. We can tell ourselves. that we are at the bottom of the hole and we are giving up, but that is not the style of the house. We talked about it from the last whistle, we want to stay in unity, welding. There are matches from the beginning of the season, in Nantes for example, we shouldn’t have won and we won. In Strasbourg it was the opposite. It was balanced the whole time.”

Payet on not playing against Tottenham

“I was already frustrated when I left the Commanderie. Between the moment we left here and when we arrived at the stadium, I was very frustrated not being on the pitch. As always. As a competitor, I want and I work to be on pitch all the time. But the coach makes choices and they have to be respected. If Ünder crosses for Kola and has a goal, we say it’s the change of the century and we’re not talking about Payet. But obviously there was a lot of frustration because I wanted to help my teammates and that wasn’t possible in that match.

Payet on the group’s state of mind after the defeat against Tottenham

“I felt from the end of the match until yesterday a group was affected, disappointed by this result and this end of the European campaign.”

It’s over for Igor Tudor

Dimitri Payet will now present himself to answer journalists’ questions.

Tudor in the upcoming match against OL

“This is a team with good players, a new coach who brings them a lot. We have to play a very good game to collect points.”

Tudor on team morale in the face of unrewarded efforts

“I don’t think they’re discouraged. They’ve been playing football since they were little and know how to bounce back game after game. Even if we win, we don’t care about the next game. It’s good to play one game right away. big team, it motivates the players and it will push us to play a big game.”

Tudor on the result of Frankfurt’s last game against Tottenham

“It’s a controversy that has no reason to exist. We can talk about the mistakes we made during the last two minutes of the match, we made three or four mistakes. We have to analyze the situation, the details. To concede a goal like that, there are always some mistakes. There may be a player who goes out to take the ball when it is not necessary, one who stops. These are the things we can talk about, the mistakes that caused the goal. I think, In the end, we have nothing to be ashamed of, we really want to go and score and go on to the Champions League.”

Tudor in Sanchez’s best position and Payet’s playing time

“I think I made a mistake, I think Payet should have played at least a quarter of an hour. It’s a coach’s job, we all make mistakes. Clauss should have stayed on the pitch also, he could have scored. I have to do the my self-criticism. Putting Suarez in place of Payet, I could have made another change.

As for Alexis, he can play anywhere. At the point or behind the attacker. It also depends on who is playing on the field. We must also think about the players who can score. Maybe I have to accept the defeat in the quality of the game but win in the ability to score goals.”

Tudor in its physically demanding gaming system

“I don’t think there is a team that has been better than us from a physical point of view. If you think that in 90 minutes you can dominate the other team, it’s impossible. On one day, we really dominated the first half and we were better than them in the second. In terms of physical results, the team was at its best level. 118 km, 119 km covered, this is really a very high statistic. high level for international that football.”

Tudor on Bailly’s injury

“We still have to do other tests because the injuries follow each other for him, maybe do blood tests. It makes me very sad for him, he is a serious person, a top level player. We’re all sorry he is not helping. We are more .”

Tudor on the rebound after the Champions League

“Of course it was a blow for everyone but it’s part of the sport. We have to turn the page, focus on the new challenges that await us. Improve what can be improved and see what we did well too. In terms of emotions, may mixed feelings. There is great disappointment, great sadness on the part of the players. They know that they played in a great Champions League and did not get what they deserved. I as a coach, I feel sorry for them and Sad about that because big I admire them. They deserve more. I wish we could have done more for the club, for the supporters, to give them the joy we would have wanted. Football is sometimes cruel.”

Blanc and Aouar refer to Marseille’s “bad luck” in recent matches

In a press conference this Friday, Laurent Blanc and Houssem Aouar said before the Olympico that OM is currently in a period of “bad luck”. The OL coach and midfielder is very careful with a rebound at the Vélodrome in a match that will count for the 14th day of Ligue 1.

>> Aouar and Blanc’s words here.

“It’s better that they win…”, Di Meco worries about the Vélodrome’s reaction in case of failure against OL

After its terrible failure in the Champions League, Olympique de Marseille will try to revive this Sunday by winning the Ligue 1 shock against Olympique Lyonnais (8:45 pm). For Eric Di Meco, no wrong step is allowed.

>> Di Meco’s review can be found here.

Tudor and Payet press conference from 4:45 pm

The Croatian technician and attacking midfielder will answer questions from journalists on Friday afternoon.


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