The suffering of a sheep in the Parc de la Colombière caused controversy in Dijon

A sheep in the Parc de la Colombière, in Dijon (Côte-d’Or), died under the eyes of about thirty people. Some witnesses, who alerted the town hall, denounced on social networks the city’s wait-and-see attitude. The municipality blames the visitors who illegally feed the animals.

It was a sad scene attended by about thirty spectators, Sunday, October 30, in the middle of the Colombière park, in Dijon (Côte-d’Or). At the end of the afternoon, a sheep living in the animal park in that area died in its pen, after a slow agony.

“Around 4:30 pm, I was walking in the park and when I got to the animals, I saw a crowd heading towards the sheep pen.recalled Sylvie Bouissou, itinerant record store in Dijon, witness to the scene. I came closer and saw a young lamb that could not stand. He tried to get up, but without success. Then he fell on his side”.

Alarmed by the situation, some people then try to reactlike Patrick Tennom, also present on the scene: “Immediately we looked for people from the city or the police in the park. But we didn’t find anyone even though the place was crowded”.

Some visitors decided to call the city’s security command post. “After three calls, I got someone, continued Sylvie Bouissou. He told me that he had been notified and was trying to contact a zookeeper. But this trainer never came.” According to some testimonies, the sheep dies, after about an hour. This slow agony enraged those who witnessed the scene. Many expressed their dissatisfaction on social networks.

Contacted by France 3 Bourgogne, the city of Dijon confirms it has sent personnel to the scene : “At 4.54 pm, the alert was sent to the concerned service, which indicated that it would be there at 5.18 pm.

The versions differ, as does the responsibility for the animal’s death. The town hall directs visitors and speaks of forced suffering “by swallowing inappropriate food and in large quantities”.

One reason, for Sylvie Bouissou: “The surprising thing is that no one in the park helped the poor animal when we were on holiday weekend. The town hall knows very well that, no matter what “this happens, people will continue to feed the animals. change the management of this animal park”.

Jean-Jacques Dentz, veterinarian at Talant, agrees: “The problem is not new. In parks, we know that animals are often overfed. You have to understand that the digestive system of ruminants, and therefore of sheep, is very fragile. They need a diet that consists of 80% fiber: grass, hay or leaves. When they are given bread, junk food, it is not good for them. By force, they risk blood poisoning, which leads to death”.

It’s good to want to have sheep in town, you still need to know how to manage them

Olivier, spokesman for the association for the defense of animals Combactive

For the practitioner, animal parks are over: “Do we think about the welfare of these animals? We know the risks, but we continue. It’s a lack of understanding of the animal’s needs”.

The debate has also reached the associative and political spheres. The Association of Dijon for the defense of animals Combactive so arrested the town hall following the incident. “In the Parc de la Colombière, we already have animals that have been sequestered, others have been deliberately killed. There is a fundamental problem. It is good to want to have sheep in the city, you still have to know how to manage those This. What happened is serious, we expect the town hall to communicate the accurate course of facts.

The Dijon branch of Europe Ecologie Les Verts, alerted by witnesses, announces that it is following the case closely: “Of course, we are very attentive in presenting the situation, examines Catherine Hervieu, EELV municipal councilor in the town hall of Dijon. We don’t want to start the wrong controversy, so we are waiting for a public explanation from the town hall. It would be relevant to do an autopsy on the animal’s body, to find out the causes of death. If we are not satisfied with the city’s reasoning, we will challenge the majority at the next city council. selected is added.

The city of Dijon told France 3 Bourgogne that “following this incident […], additional signs indicating the prohibition of feeding animals have been installed”. As a reminder, a dozen of these panels will already be on site at the time of the events. Is this enough to improve the situation? Nothing is more certain.

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