the “surprise” birth of the baby jaguar, a “good thing for the conservation” of the species

Everyone was sticking to the window to try to see him. Since mid-October, the baby jaguar born on August 28
at the Pessac zoo can present himself to visitors with his mother, Catalina.

“Look, it’s moving inside”, said Anne to her daughter Victoire. But for this time, he had to be content with the picture of the animal, displayed next to the window of the enclosure. “She’s so cute, she’s wide open”, rejoicing in the little girl of 8 years. Another mother, named Anne, is convinced: “We will see him, when he wants to go out. And we understand very well that he is protected”.

The photo of the baby jaguar, displayed next to a window overlooking its enclosure at the Pessac zoo
© Radio France

Margot Turgy

Because if the baby jaguar “shall live his whole life in captivity” and “It must be shown to the public because they will face it, they must know how to choose”explained the animal manager of Pessac Zoo
Anais Nowakowski. “So he can either stay outside or go back to his enclosure where there’s a whelping box, and where even we can’t see him.”

A surprise birth

The birth is also a surprise for the zoo team. “We haven’t seen any growth” mother Catalina, said the vet. “We are cautious, because we have seen some mergers” with the father, Mato, “and so we have calculated a theoretical date of birth”. just August 27, either the day before the baby arrives, “that he showed us signs: he didn’t eat, even if he didn’t skip meals, and he was quite aggressive towards us.” So Catalina gave birth “at night” August 27-28.

Three children watch the baby jaguar’s father, Mato, at the Pessac zoo
© Radio France

Margot Turgy

“It’s a whole mix of emotions, because it’s something we’ve been waiting for for several years”, added Anaïs Nowakowski. The Pessac Zoo
is really a part of a European program for endangered speciesand therefore benefit from a “breeding recommendation” for his pair of jaguars. The species is actually classified as “vulnerable” on the red list of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

As for the name of the baby jaguar, it will be announced in three monthson November 28.

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