Tour de France, infrastructure, 2024 Olympics: François Rebsamen examines sports projects

Mayor of Dijon and great sports fan. Thursday, November 3, 2022, the one who is also the president of Metropolis, François Rebsamen, was the guest of 100% Sports
in France Blue Burgundy. After reviewing DFCO’s poor run in Ligue 2 – “It’s a disaster, it’s even a shame”
– François Rebsamen returned to the sports projects underway in Dijon. Naa budget 2022
, almost 6.5 million euros are dedicated to “various investments in sports heritage”. On the menu: the project for the new hall for the JDA, the renovation of existing infrastructures such as Bourillot or the Trimolet ice rink, but also the reception of a delegation for the 2024 Olympic Games and a candidacy for the Tour de France.


Football – The land combined with the Sports Park, “no time to launch a new call for tenders”

Inside the Dijon Sports Park, opposite the Gaston-Gérard Stadium, a contiguous plot was started, but not finished. It was to host women’s matches and the training of DFCO, but so far there is no commitment. “It’s shifted, the call for tenders has been declared unsuccessful. The work will be shifted for this new stand”, announced
to France Bleu President Olivier Delcourt in January 2022.

Ten months later, the situation doesn’t seem to have changed. “The additional costs are too high. We have decided, by mutual agreement with the president of the DCO, Olivier Delcourt, that women can play, if there are exceptional matches, at Gaston-Gérard. And if not, because everything is set up there, in the grounds of Saint-Apollinaire”indicates this Thursday François Rebsamen.

A blocked situation, which is unlikely to be fixed in the coming months. “The tenders should be worse than before, the proof that there is a significant drift in the nautical base. It seems that the war in Ukraine is responsible for everything, but what I know is that the prices are exploding at the moment . This is certainly not the time to launch a new call for tenders. We will launch it again in due course”, said the mayor. He also said he favors a 1,000-seat grandstand: “There are debates on the size of the stand, I don’t want us to do something unreasonable. 1000 seats is okay with me. If there are people, there is a stadium next door”.

This is certainly not the time to launch a new call for tenders. We will relaunch it in due course – François Rebsamen

Football – No renovation of the Doras stand at Stade Gaston-Gérard

Since 2007,
Gaston-Gérard Stadium got a facelift. Three of the four stands underwent renovation and/or construction work. which is not the case for the fourth, the West Stand (Doras) … and it’s not on the agenda.

“The club should return to Ligue 1. For the moment it is not worth investing. First of all, there is no need, there are not enough spectators, temper François Rebsamen. The stadium was well designed by Olivier Delcourt, with the services of Métropole, to make it profitable. The occupancy rate was very good when we were in Ligue 1, but to be honest, less and less people… Dijon, a lot of spectators, but when you win”.

JDA Dijon: “we are still discussing the possible sale of the Sports Palace”

Today, the Palais des sports Jean-Michel-Geoffroy is shared between three professional teams. The JDA Dijon Basket, the JDA Dijon Handball and the DMH. Before the Covid-19 crisis, the project a room for JDA
was launched, on a 33,000 m2 site located near Toison d’Or. This project is currently suspended. Along with this, It works
worth 700,000 euros, was made at the Palais des sports.

So this new room is no longer relevant at all? “Currently not, replied François Rebsamen. I will see Thierry Degorce again (JDA president, Editor’s note), we are talking, even talking about the possible sale of the Palais des Sports. However, we have to, with the sale of the Palace, rebuild a gymnasium in line with the expectations of a city like Dijon”.

Regarding the future of the project, François Rebsamen continued: “You have to ask President Thierry Degorce. I have met him several times, he knows the conditions for the participation of the city. I remind you, the subsidy given by Métropole to the JDA is more important than what football. Because the JDA does not pay for the right to occupy the Palais des sports, but it is occupied and it must be paid for. So we will leave it for now – and we will need to fix it at some point, the Regional Chamber of Accounts reminds us often – while paying of DFCO the occupation of the Gaston-Gérard stadium”.

And to conclude: “Their results are good, they have an audience. We changed the interior of the Sports Palace, it’s so beautiful, it’s scary, we’ve fixed the ventilation, the floors, there’s more than 700,000 euros. It’s also used for handball. , life together is complicated, the basements are occupied by gymnasts, etc..

Rugby- No renovations yet for Stade Bourillot, where Stade Dijonnais plays

In François Rebsamen’s program for the 2020 municipal elections, “Dijon is Capital”
we read in point n°77: “Renovate the Bourillot stadium”. Bourillot, the enclosure that hosts Stade Dijonnais rugby matches. The adjustment is not immediate.

“We will do what is necessary, even though we have already made a lot of investments in Bourillot, said François Rebsamen. The club is also ready to do so. But it’s the same, in National 2 today (4th division), we won’t say “let’s build a stadium”, even though there is a rugby audience in Dijon, it’s a city of rugby. Unfortunately, the project for this stadium fell through at that time”.

The renovation of the Trimolet ice rink: “renovating it to be less energy intensive”

Still reading the program “Dijon is Capital”
at point 80: “Finish the renovation and modernization of the ice rink during the mandate”. Asked about the topic, François Rebsamen produces a change of context : “We will certainly review things. The budget for the city of Dijon in 2023, which I am preparing at the moment, will be tight because of the energy constraint. The cost, rounding off, will increase from 10 to 20 million euros . will be missed, and we will have to adjust our projects according to the evolution of things”.

“There will be adjustments, of course, continued the chosen one. The idea is to renovate the rink more, to make it less energy-intensive, because that’s the problem now. He is 50 years old this year, but well maintained, he holds. We have many projects, but we cannot do everything, we try to spread according to the budget capacities and the uncertainties in front of us, we have to spread a certain number of costs that we planned to do more quickly. “.

Dijon “Terres de Jeux” for the 2024 Olympics: “we have contacts” to welcome the delegations

The Côte-d’Or, like the city of Dijon, is labeled
“Terres de Jeux 2024”, with the goal of the next Olympic Games, in Paris. In this context, Dijon, “olympic preparation center”
, can accommodate delegations of athletes. And it probably will.

“We have contacts, I can’t reveal yet, announced François Rebsamen. We are doing this, we have proposals for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. These are the countries that are asking us if we agree, we will review all of that. We will have an answer in the coming months.”

Cycling – The Tour de France soon in Dijon?

This is the era that those under 25 years of age don’t know. The last passage of the Tour de France in Dijon dates back to 1997. In France Bleu Bourgogne, François Rebsamen said he was in favor of passing the Grande Boucle to Dijon and want to see things big: “If it’s just an ending it’s too expensive for what it is. We need an end and a start, and maybe even an episode, like before, a time trial. show”. In terms of finances, arrange the arrival costly
in the city about 65,000 euros, a departure about 110,000 euros, and about 160,000 to organize the arrival AND the departure.

Behind the scenes, negotiations are taking place, the mayor confirmed : Nathalie Koenders (first assistant, editor’s note) meet Christian Prudhomme (Tour Director, editor’s note). We have made a request, we need to show our desire. In cycling, as in all sports, you have to show the desire”. According to him, Dijon did not apply for the Tour 2023, 110th edition
which avoids Burgundy. “We got ranked, we know we won’t be selected, but with the boss of the Tour de France, you have to show desire, repeat your desire, summary of the mayor of Dijon. In other words, everything that DFCO players lack today.

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