two Girondins at the World Cup in Qatar

Estelle Valenzuela was born in Gradignan. If it has many lives, and in particular a singer, he works for Fifa for many years and lived in Zurich, where the global football trustee is headquartered. He is in charge of the interpreters who will translate into 14 languages ​​the 192 press conferences planned during the 4 weeks of the competition.

It’s been a long journey, I love languages ​​and I finally started my career in Hamburg, as a translator/interpreter in French and German. I arrived in 2004 at FIFA in Zurich and since then my life has been marked, punctuated by various World Cups. For this edition, I will have 36 interpreters who will try to allow you to follow the press conferences in all languages ​​of the World Cup, of all the teams that will participate in this competition.

Jean-Yves De Blasiis, born in Bordeaux, is a professional player and notably wore Bordeaux colors during the European epic of 1995/1996. He will also be the center of world football during the World Cup and he will remain there as long as the delegation for which he is responsible is still in the race.

my position is coordinator for training areas and hotels. Our role is to make sure that every stakeholder, be it the national teams, the country, the hotels, the hosts hosting the World Cup, that everyone respects the specifications of FIFA. I arrived in Doha in June and at first there were only twelve coordinators. So I followed the base camps in Cameroon, Senegal and Belgium. Then at the beginning of September, the whole team joined us, ie we assigned a coordinator per team. So we are 32. And that’s where I kept Belgium.

A final of France Belgium to stay as long as possible

As coordinator of the Belgian delegation, Jean-Yves de Blasiis will leave Doha four days after the Red Devils’ departure! Suffice it to say that his dream final is a meeting of France Belgium! Being the manager of a delegation will, perhaps, have to deal with incompatible demands, which can be described as the whim of a star. The former Girondin player has already experienced this situation

that happened to me especially during Euro 2016, the Spanish team had a request and obviously I can’t go into detail, but we are prepared for that. We are talking about a bubble where the players are there to prepare and play a main event, they are protected. So we talk a lot about safety and security. So, from the moment the players or members of the delegation want to get out of this bubble, it is quite complicated because the requests can be late in a very strict protocol. So yes, it can happen, it happened to me, but generally, again, there are a lot of people here who are used to it and are generally very good at it.

Mastery of languages ​​and cultures to avoid hiccups!

Interpreters on their side have no room for error. Press conferences are held in the heat of the moment, after the match, and you need to master not only the language of the journalist asking the question, the player or the coach answering, but also to know the culture of the countries. in question or in soccer. There are many factors that are likely to lead to a quack. A relative concern for Estelle Valensuela.

Quacks, it happens, it can happen. It is always possible to have a small incident, to not understand a sentence for some reasons, technical or other reasons. But I hope there is no more. I remember, although we can’t really call it a hiccup, a small passage during or before the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, where the speakers asked the interpreters to clarify themselves on a political question and say “no, no, I didn’t say that, the interpreter made a mistake or made a mistake.“. So these are the things that we often see in the profession, not only in football but in the profession of interpreter. After the hiccups, I’m crossing my fingers that there are no more .

Watching Belgium leave their hotel or following translations of press conferences, you can now see another look at the two Bordeaux players behind this 2022 World Cup. First match for France on Tuesday November 22 at 8:00 pm against Australia. A match for survival live in France Bleu Gironde.

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