A 20-year-old sentenced to four months in prison for killing a cat on Snapchat in the Moselle

The case has caused quite a stir in recent days. A 20-year-old young man from Freyming-Merlebach in the Moselle had posted videos
on the Snapchat social network, Monday, October 31, filming himself playing with the dead cat that he then skinned. Internet users reported him, before being arrested at his home by Saint-Avold police on Thursday.

This Mosellen boy was sentenced on Friday, November 4, to a sentence of ten months in prison plus six months probation by the court of Sarreguemines. The young man went straight to jail to serve his sentence closed. He also has an obligation to undergo psychiatric treatment, find a job and he has prohibition of animal husbandry throughout its life.

Cold and detached

At the helm, the young man seemed cold and detached. He acknowledges the facts: when he woke up on Monday, he noticed that her cat pooped all over the place in the flat. “It annoys me”, he says. He then kills his cat with a rifle shot, before skinning it in the kitchen sink. He filmed some of his actions, and published the video on the Snapchat social network. We see the all-smiling defendant with his knife on the blood-stained corpse of a small white cat, loud music playing in the background. “Did you have fun cutting?” Question to investigators while in police custody. “Yes, yes, yes”, replied the trained fishmonger.

“For me, a cat, a cup of tea or a coffee are the same.” – The 20-year-old defendant

Between the young man and the animals, it is a story of cruelty from a young age. The first cat he killed? “eight years”he said with a ponytail and a hoodie. “I hit him with a rock.” In total, five animals will die from his blows. “For me, a cat, a cup of tea or a coffee are the same. I don’t feel anything”, said the one who knew it was him “having a psychological problem”.

“Public sentiment is the opposite of your coldness”, statement of the deputy prosecutor. In his requests, he asks three years in prison including a year accompanied by a reinforced probationary period. The defendant’s attorney is begging the judges not to “give media coverage and public opinion”. The penalty will ultimately be less. The young man must also pay The damage is 400 euros to each of the four associations that defend the cause of animals as civil parties in this trial (Brigitte Bardot Foundation, SPA, Stéphane Lamart association, Animal Assistance Foundation).

One of the most “serious” cases

“Code makes it possible to go further”, deplores Laure Vayssade, lawyer for the Stéphane Lamart association “For the defense of animal rights”. “We are not even a third of what was required. I hear the need for this child to be cared for. Perhaps three years in prison is not the solution that best suits him.” But the lawyer wants to remind “There is the seriousness of the acts and the text provides severe punishment, which so far has not been properly applied. We are starting to see an increase in the sentences pronounced in these cases, but we rarely exceed the year. And there , we’re still at the bottom.”

“We have a collective consciousness at the same time but there are also more and more young people mistreating animals.” – Laure Vayssade, lawyer of the Stéphane Lamart association

“This is one of the most serious cases we are dealing with this year”, continued Laure Vayssade. “Each time, these are files that involve young people, even minors. We are worried about their perception of the animal while at the same time, we have a collective awareness in society.” The lawyer also identifies the problem of social networks. “They tend to stage themselves on these networks. So they don’t feel that they are doing something wrong, otherwise they’d be doing it in a hidden way. This young accused, he will type ‘putot na cat’ in his search engine to see if his video gets buzz. That’s the problem.”

The number of attacks on pets has increased by 30% between 2016 and 2021, with 12,000 facts observed according to figures from the Ministry of the Interior. At the end of October, Minister Gérald Darmanin announced the creation of a division of investigators
particularly responsible for animal abusewith 15 specialized police and gendarmes.

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